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The Last Staycation

2012-03-31, 8:24 p.m.

After having a real lulu of a therapy session on Tuesday, on Wednesday night, I told Mom I wasn't coming home to help her clean this weekend. Bizarrely enough, she took it very well for her. Pretty out of character, which makes me wonder what was going on there. Other than a few "But I just don't understand why you can't do what I ask..." moments repeatedly. And the old "give me a list of everything you do for me, isn't there ANYTHING that you do for me?" (I always answer "no," because whether I do or not, she doesn't remember anything.) I finally hit gold when she said something about someone else, like "Do I ever insult you the way that so-and-so does her kid?" and I was all, YES, you do. If it involves cooking, cleaning, or driving, you go mouth-foaming crazy. Just because you don't call me stupid to my face doesn't mean you don't get across the message. Oh yeah, and screeching at me because I asked you how to use the cruise control is Just Not Normal. She has one friend that is extremely hard on her kid, and I said that when it comes to those three things, Mom acts similar. It actually rather shut her up. (For now.) Go figure.

I spent the last two vacation days with Jackie. On Thursday she came to my neck of the woods and we went to Vacaville for lunch, a little shopping, and seeing The Hunger Games movie. I thought it was mostly done well, except for the few truncated bits and overall, I think they designed the movie to be seen/understood only by people who'd read the books. Jackie hadn't (she wanted to see it to understand why this was a hit) and I had to explain a lot of stuff here and there like tessera, how the sponsors worked, why Haymtich sent soup instead of a bow and arrows, etc. Hell, they don't even say Effie Trinket's NAME in the movie. Oops? But overall, not bad. Three and a half stars and yay on the casting/acting.

On Friday I took the train into the Bay Area--and back home again, thank you very much. The last couple of times I've been on Amtrak, there have been Issues (busses taking me to the wrong location, bridge breaks down), so it was nice that this time it was uneventful and I even got good seating. We went to SF again and went shopping around the Mission and saw some cute stores, including some I'd heard of like Borderlands Books and The Pirate Store. I like Valencia Street. I also hit a Michael's--there's a "make a dragon" contest at the CC this quarter and I have been looking for suitable dragon-body-part beads to make it. We went through SF traffic again and hit a restaurant nearish to the train station. That was an interesting experience because Jackie usually picks out restaurants via the Internet, and this one...well, let's just say we were of different ethnicities than everyone else in there. Since I am a guess what, white girl, that was new. I started wondering if it was kind of offensive for me to eat there and invade their space-- like, here's where we go to get the hell away from whitey, and here one is? Is this bad? But everyone was totally nice and didn't seem weirded out by my invading (I figure Jackie was probably somewhat less offensive, being that she isn't white, even if she wasn't the right shade.), so it turned out to be no biggie. And the food was delicious too. I'd go back.

Today was mostly another Crap Weather Day, so I didn't leave the house until the rain stopped, and even then it was just to look for more dragon-suited beads. I found back scales at the Michael's and found suitable horns, talons, and teeth at the local bead store, so I'm pretty pleased. I'll be up to starting in a couple of days. Mostly all I have done is (a) work on this knitting pattern that has turned out to be a real complicated bitch, and (b) watched episodes of Sliders. They're about to expire off Hulu and I'm trying to watch all of the episodes before the show went totally to shit 3/4 of the way through season 3 (or so the Internet tells me). So yeah, today's been REAL productive.

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