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2018-04-01, 9:11 p.m.

As for getting my car back, it took two days and I considered myself fortunate that it only cost me $700+ rather than the $1000+ I was expecting. Of course, this happened right after I paid off my credit card. I knew that would happen. The car usually needs some fixing every 3 months and it was due, after all. I feel like every 3 months I should just drive it up and hand them the card. What's wrong with it? You tell me, there's gonna be something.

I started trying to figure out whether or not it would be cheaper to get a newer car and be making payments every month instead of paying $1000 every 3 months. I had Friday off from work, so I went to the credit union the card is from and got...basically no help whatsoever on that score. They said they could not help me unless I was willing to commit to buying a car within 60 days, and I was all, "hey, I just want to know if I could get any loan at all whatsoever," I'm not at all committed to this idea. If it's more expensive to get a newer car, then I'll just drive this one into the ground and go back to Zipcar-ing for the next five years until I can save up for another one, I think.

Signing up for, on the other hand, actually gave me information. Which boiled down to, oddly enough, my credit being great, but if I got a car loan, the payments are still more money. Paying a guaranteed $500/month + whatever else goes wrong vs. paying $1000 (or less) every 3 months frankly doesn't seem worth it, so bugger that. That said, I am now signed up for some car buying workshop at work in a few weeks to make notes, just in case.

Easter went well with the family, I got to watch the little kids shoot blow darts all over the place and it was amusing. Dylan can talk enough to say "Before you go," and keep shooting darts one more time to get us not to leave. Adorable.

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