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Improve through Improv, Week 2

2018-03-26, 9:04 p.m.

Meg was visiting this last full weekend of March, so I hung out with her on Friday and Sunday. We were going to go to an art museum on Sunday, followed by going to a show at 2 p.m. for a group that I was going to do an audition for that night! It was some kind of dinner theater melodrama and even though I don't think I fit any of the roles, I thought it'd be fun to do.

Except my car decided to keel over in the parking lot at the museum, spectacularly. So no go to either of those things, especially on a Sunday night when public transport doesn't exist.

Waaaah. I do still have a dormant Zipcar membership that I can use Monday through Thursday if I want, so I reactivated it enough to rent a car to go to my other improv class. That went well. I was very weirded out trying to learn a new car, but I managed to figure it out and drive it pretty well. Just thank gawd for phones having Internet because otherwise I could not figure out how to put gas in it--the car had some kind of hidden lever just to open the gas cap area.

I am pleased that I made it without incident. I was stumped on how to turn on the lights, which were off by default and I did not notice until I started driving through dark parts of the freeway. Then it was way too dark in the car to fumble around pushing god knows what to figure that out. Oh well, still made it alive.

Improve through Improv, Week 2

Class was awesome. We talked about our weeks--with some folks that involved a near bar fight and someone losing their mind--and how we handled that. Then we did a lot of games that involved making up characters. “Superhero Funeral,” one where we had to ramp up from 1-10 when delivering some silly line, some more “New Choice,” walking around ramping up what it’s like to feel good about yourself, and generally doing scenes and having a very, very good time. I wish this was going longer, it was awesome. She needs to do more classes.

Oh, and the teacher also told me about a dinner theater she works at that I could most likely audition for. Do it on your own schedule, it’s improv-ing and even paid plus free dinner. This makes me feel better about missing the melodrama dinner theater thing I wanted to interview for yesterday. (Though I never did hear from her about that, which does not shock me. Oh well, I can keep an eye out on the audition mailing list.)

In other acting related news:

(a) I am signed up to do another improv audition in a few weeks. I will be doing it basically cold and don’t expect to get in, but whatever. I have said to myself I will try a few times a year at least even if nothing comes of it.

(b) I have found out that there is a monthly storytelling event in Woodland on the last Saturday of the month, so I signed up for that!

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