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"I'm Still Practicting"

2010-04-21, 8:44 a.m.

The title is what I have been told to tell people when they ask about the driving test.

Which is to say: I failed. Within the first minute or two.

Apparently one is supposed to flat-out drive in the bike lane for awhile before making a right turn. I cannot say that I've ever heard this before, been taught this in driver's ed, or know anyone who actually does this (living in Bikeville, the thought of this makes me choke), but obviously I don't have recourse on that one. So, automatic fail.* But I think I was going to get auto-failed one way or another even without that one, to be honest. Before he made me stop the test I hit a 4-way intersection and was the second one to get there (and the guy who got there first was to my right, I think either way it was his go), but he insisted that I go first, which would be another auto-fail if they tell you to do anything besides go left or right.

I'm not ragging on the guy, he was actually very nice to me (I didn't expect that) and didn't mark me off for mixing up which light I was supposed to be pointing to at the start of the test, and he should have., wtf? And clearly he felt bad once he realized that I wasn't going to have another shot at taking the test any time soon, because he was all, "this is an easy fix for next time," but...

The irritating thing is that (a) it took two months to get this appointment in the first place, and (b) the permit runs out next Wednesday. So I am going to have to start the goddamned process all fucking over again. The written test is excruciating for me and I missed six last time (the bare minimum for passing). Retaking it again I'm only allowed to miss three. I may be taking the damn thing over and over again, AGAIN. So it's gonna be a goddamned long time before I even get back to actual driving, much less to the point of re-drive-testing. Of course I could try skipping work and waiting at the DMV all day on standby to see if anyone flakes out on showing up for their test, but...yeah, I dunno if I even think that's feasible. My instructor is somewhat willing to give this a go, but I think we both suspect it's dubious/waste of time/waste of gas for her to get here on some level. Especially since I feel like a total dumbass right now.

I really wouldn't care that much if not for the part about having to take the written all over again, paying the start-the-process-fees all over again, etc. The thought of the damn written again about makes me want to throw up. I got sent back to the start of the board game again, dammit.

* Also, so much for doing it in the nearby town that isn't where I live to avoid bike issues, plus being told that the evaluators in that town are easier and only make you drive around the block once. NOPE.

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