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Birthday Week Continues

2003-04-23, 7:36 p.m.

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Birthday Week continues...

Had the big birthday month party at work today, which had absolute shitloads of food. Yee-haw! I have acquired a MAJOR food stash. Though my coworker (whose birthday is TODAY) went home sick at oh, 8:15 this morning. Damn. Either (a) he got shy and fled, or (b) felt like playing hooky...okay, probably not, but if you feel that sick, why get up, get dressed, and drive to another town to go to work for five minutes and leave? Just wondering.

Today, naturally, everyone noticed the hair. "When did you get it done?" "Was I not paying attention?" "You know, some of us were wondering the other day..." Heh. So far, rave reviews.

I've now revised my opinion of the hair: today, I look like Willow in season 5 of Buffy.

Between the new glasses, the new hair color, the new hair cut... I'm feeling like I went through Makeover School or something.

Hill ended up with the night off, so we went out for pre-birthday dinner, Chuck E. Cheese, and shopping. I mostly got Mom cheap DVD's/tapes as presents, though I did pick up Wonder Boys for myself, heh heh heh.

Annoyingly, Dave seems to be in el pissy mood. I messaged him with the new Palm while we were waiting for our table for the hell of it, then let Hill message him. Not that this hasn't happened before- hell, Dave lets other people message me as him often- but he was pissy and this apparently didn't go over well. Sigh.

Then I was an idiot and lost the stylus for the new Palm. I didn't snap the thing in tight enough, nor were my pockets all that enclosing. Argh.

Incidentally, Stef is on one of the same mailing lists as me, and she's feeling annoyed about the casting thread too.

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