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The Fairly Good News... (Part 1)

2004-04-23, 12:24 p.m.

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This is a two-parter entry. Things started out fairly normal and okay on Thursday, but by about midnight Friday morning, absofuckinglutely went to hell. Really, they should be split into two different entries. I'll post the second half probably tonight, since I need to wait for some news first and won't be even leaving for the old hometown till very late tonight.

Yesterday at lunch, I had just bought myself a "fowl salad" (turkey and chicken mix) sandwich and was heading back to the office when I ran into someone handing out free veggieburgers. I like those, so I grabbed one. However, she also handed me a flyer for veganism, and suddenly I felt really, really guilty for having a sandwich in my hand as I took this. If she'd just been veggie I could have claimed the sandwich in my hand was egg, but with vegans, no sandwich I could have just bought here would fly. Argh. Honestly, vegans intimidate me.

Anyway, I didn't have room for the veggieburger yesterday and saved it at work, and I'm so glad now I did so I can fucking have something to eat today. Hardly anything left at home that isn't Ramen, rice, or frozen pizza, most of which isn't quickie eating.

Last night was the first night when I had both tubular peyote beading class (5:15-7:15) and ASL (6-9) going on. There will be three nights like this, ugh. The teacher (who started last quarter) is a Native American studies major and gets to take peyote for class grades, so she knows her stuff. However, she's leaving the country after this quarter, so it's a good thing I signed up for class now or I'd never have gotten to take it. Ironically, the two others in the class are Erica (my previous beading teacher from last quarter) and Ann (who is going to be my wire jewelry instructor in May). Very funny.

Anyway, I like the teacher, but she was kinda slow in introducing the class and we didn't even get to beading until leaving early for the other class just didn't happen. I don't think the ASL teacher was too thrilled that I got there at 7:15, though she was nice enough to give me private tutoring on what I'd missed.

I got more of the class this time, but this was probably because of the tutoring and that part of the lesson was going outside and learning what objects were. Pointing helps a lot.

I fear that I will really need to leave beading early those nights. Hopefully I will be able to, as it sounds like the first hour of class is learning a new project and the second is practicing new or old ones.

Stay tuned for Part 2, i.e. "Happy Fucking Birthday, Your Life Has Just Gone To Hell!"

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