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Lots of Cake, Balloons, and Flowers

2008-04-24, 10:07 a.m.

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This turned out to be one of the best birthdays ever. Right up there with my 21st for memorability! Woot!

So, my boss did come through with cake and balloon and even put 30 candles on the cake at work. Another lady brought roses from her garden. Mom sent flowers and a balloon (me and my other coworker have a balloon bouquet going on now between the cubes), and apparently *cough*called my boss a bunch of times to make sure there was cake*cough*. Happily, the cake had already been ordered.

I did my usual birthday ritual stuff- looked up birthday horoscopes (solar return is looking good!) and did the ol' birthday tarot reading (not so good in places). I attempted to do a birthday craft (eventually decided to try this one ), but didn't finish it during the day.

However...I got surprised birthday partied! Kinda twice, in a way?

I had to work at the CC that night, and at one point after dinner in the mid-evening I went out with another girl to load ceramic clay onto the cart and restock the front desk area. (Big pain in the ass to do.) After finishing loading all the clay in and out and returning the cart, I came back in and there was Oreo cake from the people on my shift!

Since I was covered in ceramic crap, I went out to the bathroom to wash up. And when I came back...some of my friends had shown up with a cake as well! And presents- beads, flower clips, a book, and a really neat craft caddy I am excited to play with when I get the time. Oh, and more flowers :)

So for the next hour or two, I mostly hung out and ate tons of cake and talked to people. And it was good.

So, yay!

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