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Pretty in Purple: WEF, Part 1

2004-05-07, 9:46 p.m.

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Once again, it's that time of year again, the time where Jennifer goes hippie and shops till she runs out of money!

I was a little worried this year. You see, Heather had given me her half of the rent (she was out of checks) in cash, and I hadn't gotten to deposit the money out of my hot little hands. Me, going around Whole Earth Festival with lots of cash? Aiee.

Anyway, since the rest of my weekend was going to be zooey, I took the last four hours in vacation and took off to shop.

Purchases this year:

* Lovely beaded barrette.

* Three necklaces with lovely pendants- two flower (one clear, one blue) and one great geode slice.

* One bracelet of big chunky glass beads of various colors.

* Henna tattoo for cheap (see later entries)

* Be-yoo-ti-ful dichroic earrings and matching pendant.

* Two kooky beaded/wire rings.

* A bunch of glass beads.

* Tie-dyed tank top.

* Little purple stuffed dragon.

I had a good time. I managed to restrain myself to not buying any more dyed velvet this year or any other dyed fabric items, I didn't buy any violently expensive jewelry. (Hah.) My usual theory of shopping is to spend lots of money on as many things as I can acquire, rather than a lot of money on one or two items.

However, the bead seller was a fellow I'd talked to at great length at a Harvest Festival, and I had to go chat to him again...and pick up several beads, three of which I'm making into a spiral rope necklace. Whee!

Something kinda freaky was that I wore a particular favorite outfit of mine (shown here that I like to wear to craft fair/hippie-type stuff. Well, I had a different purple shirt on, but about the same outfit. Well, several vendors besides the aforementioned bead guy who'd already met me recognized me, presumably for the purple. Even the ones that didn't know me were all "So, you like purple, huh?" Heh. I didn't realize that I'm uh, that distinctive just for the color. I suppose it's because everyone else dresses boring?

Much to my amazement, I seem to have broken the "Jennifer-attracts-weirdoes-if-she-goes-around-WEF-alone" curse. Nobody approached me for anything scary! Nobody creepy looked for a date with me! Woo!

After that I hit the bead store for yet more supplies, then got picked up by Jess to go to Wal-Mart, then out to dinner, then to her house to do more photography of jewelry, which we've been working on lately.

While there, we had what amounted to a Pricing Tribunal. There was me, knowing how much I'd paid for stuff and knowing that people in general want cheap. There was Jess, insisting that people wouldn't buy unless things were priced high, that my stuff was worth more, etc., etc. And then there was her husband Mike, the neutral party, who was there to give the man-on-the-street-what-would-you-pay-for-this opinion. We argued it out between the three of us as to what each one should be charged.

I should tell you now how the pricing came out this time: one necklace was priced at $65 (the frog necklace), at Jess's insistence. A few others were at $30 or $35 (such as the copper rose), most were in the $20-18-15-12 categories. This will be relevant later on.

Another thing we did was arrange for me to borrow their CD holder for something to dangle necklaces off at a high surface. The one problem though was... they were really heavy. They tied them together with bungee cords and attached a shoulder strap, and I maybe wore the contraption for thirty seconds tops... and it still hurt to wear. How the hell was I going to haul this to campus at 8 a.m. walking?

I got home around 1 a.m., really sleepy and with a lot of pricing still yet to do. I was zonked off my ass, but attempted to get to bed...

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