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Karaoke Drama

2019-05-21, 12:54 p.m.

Okay, I heard from a few people. Robert is sick but did verify that karaoke will go on tonight and Valentin is having dinner + scary movie. I told him I decline the scary movie but will meet for dinner beforehand.

Today’s therapy call was a delight, other than the loud helicopter hovering my head half the time for some reason. I yakked on about theater mostly, and then found out about my shrink’s insta-crush on a guy she met on a plane. I proceeded to look at the guy’s website and yes, he does have a strong resemblance to handsome older movie stars. This was adorable.

I just started reading that Lori Gottlieb book, “Maybe You Should Talk To Someone,” about being in therapy while also going to therapy--her inciting incident for the latter being that her boyfriend decided that he liked her but NOT her 8-year-old kid (what’s she supposed to do, ditch him?!). I vaguely remember reading something, maybe in this book or maybe not, about whether or not one’s therapist can say personal things in sessions or not. I wanted to laugh because lord knows mine frequently mentions things when it relates to something of my own. In this case, mentioning that the professor is having her show again tomorrow (and I believe the stand-up comedy club has another show Friday) and while I’d like to go, I think I am going to hide in the back and not be seen this time. So she in turn told me about a super hot dude she met on a plane and then calling him later to order some of his wares.

Anyway, the point she was making about this was that yeah, she may find him hot but it’s not like he’s thinking about her beyond when she’s ordered his wares online. Likewise, the professor has forgotten all about me so it doesn’t matter and I shouldn’t feel weird to just go as a fan. True. That said, I plan on basically turning invisible because the room she got assigned to is kinda smallish. (The standup show, on the other hand, is somewhere large, so no big deal there.)

As for my evening: I met up with Valentin, Manny, and Heidi before their movie and we went to a sushi place by the theater. The sushi was absolutely delicious, had GREAT sauces, and this place had SO MANY different versions of California roll. I tried it fried and loved it. I’m debating whether or not to let Jackie know about this or not--I really liked it but she is rather picky on food so who knows. Mostly the conversation involved sushi, anime about being a lazy procrastinator (that exists? apparently).

After that, I went to karaoke, with everyone else promising they’d go next week.

The DJ, Pyrate Matthew, had been in the hospital for most of the last week, so there was a smaller crowd tonight presumably because they assumed he would not make it. But he did, so good for him. (I admit only here that I left him some whopping tip money.)

Nobody else in the theater group went tonight in the end (I tried texting Sarah but she did not make it) but I did run into Jim, a fellow everyone seems to know and Jim likes me for my wardrobe--and as time went on, also being into redneck humor because we ended up discussing the Big Four Redneck Comedy Stars and how half of them (Ron White and Larry the Cable Guy) are not very good.

However, there was some drama going on. Jim was apparently interested in some girl there (Jessi?). I did not know what was going on for a while but I guess they have both been in the bar at the same time or met up tonight or...something. Anyway, I eventually thought they were on an official date (which may not have been the case, as it turns out) because he was privately asking me how he was doing, saying how nervous he was, etc. I was all, dude, you’re fine. I know what an uncomfortable/unhappy girl looks like on a date (because that is me) and this one seemed fine.

I have no effing idea if this girl is attracted to Jim or not (all I will say on the topic is that there is a certain stereotypical sitcommish discrepancy in their looks that Jim was concerned about). I can say that she seemed like a naturally cheerful, friendly, flirty type to everyone of all genders. She seemed to like him and everyone else around well enough, I would not be able to judge on sexual attraction here though.

However, at some point she follows some folks out to their car, says she has to leave but goes around saying bye to everyone in the bar (even me and she just met me) and Jim, who she kisses on the cheek and actually says, “Call me, text me.” I heard that. Usually people do NOT want you to do that, so I considered it a positive sign. She did, however, leave when he was singing (well, she started leaving in mid-song but left at the end), which I concur was a bit crap but I assumed at the time those people were her ride and she had to go, or whatever. So that was my viewpoint from facing the door, as it were. I had no idea if there was an emergency, if those were her friends, what the situation was, but shit happens and you should try to not take it personally because you don’t know if it’s about you or not.

Anyway, other than the early leaving kinda sucking, it seemed like a positive encounter from my POV, but Jim kinda had a breakdown after it and I think he was crying at the bar. Another karaoke friend of his, Shirley (I have had similar conversations with her on tie-dye) went over to console him and they were looking miserable. After my number* was up I went over there to check on him. I pointed out, what were you expecting from the night here, and he said “ a kiss on the cheek and call me later,” and I said hey, that is what actually happened (and pointed out the “text me, call me” bit because I seem to be the only one who noticed it of the observers) and that briefly cheered him up before he went out to well, I think he just passed out in his car.

* for the record, I did “The Masochism Tango” and “Take Me To Church” because we declared it “New Song Tuesday.” I think the latter went fairly well at least.

After Jim went out to the car, I talked some more to Shirley, who was facing the rest of the bar and according to her, as far as she could tell it looked like Jessi asked that other couple to take her with them so she could get away. This is based on some lip-reading, apparently. So from her POV, not good, and from mine I’d say “I wouldn’t rule it out.” Who knows. Anyway, I guess Jim got divorced and isn’t doing so well with that aspect of life and she mentioned at some point he was on the freeway feeling suicidal and OH DAMN I DON’T EVEN KNOW WHAT TO DO NOW. Other than well, eventually leaving the bar while he was asleep in his car. Oy fucking vey.

....Maybe I should just only go to the bar if I can get someone else to go with me?

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