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How Is Anybody Now?

2020-05-22, 11:01 p.m.

Quotes from Yarn Club today:

"How is ANYBODY now?"
"What constitutes okay?"
"And then you end up in a pit."

"Maybe being okay with not being okay..." -Lori Ann

Otherwise, we discussed lost things like going to fairs, Scottish Games, entering things in fairs, fair foods, etc. I think Yemi and I are on the same page of "this may go on forever," as we are both feeling a bit funky. Karen definitely was in that place. I hear ya, girl.

I don't have much to say about today. Tigress is taking Fridays off so I was mostly left alone to actually get my job done, which was nice. I watched theater shows while I changed people's names, mostly watching a Zoom production of "Twelfth Night" with Ruby Rose. She had on a blonde wig and some kind of scarf for the first scene and then stripped down to buzz cut, half pink and half blue and a black outfit...and she had bat stuff hanging in the back, still.

I am happy to say that my dentist office emailed and they said they are not going to reschedule anyone who had a 3-4 month regular cleaning appointment, just go to your next appointment whenever that is. They had to cancel 1000 appointments and are trying to prioritize emergencies, asking if they WANT to be rescheduled, etc. since now they have to limit appointments. Good job, I approve.

Didn't do that much beyond watch more videos after work. Talked to Melinda for a bit, talked to Mom for a bit. I feel better than yesterday but am still kinda in a fog.

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