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2005-05-25, 8:59 p.m.

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I think everyone in this town is flaking out lately. Hell, Im home early tonight because of people flaking out again.

I went to my jewelry class on Saturday, only to find out that I was the only one who showed up. Which I guess makes sense since (a) one chick dropped out, and (b) the only other girl besides me who showed up wasn't going to be there today, and we had to arrange for a "makeup day" for her. Which if I had been paying attention, which I probably wasn't, meant that our class for that day got canceled or something.

Anyhoo, with suddenly having a few hours free, I headed off to the gym to see if I could make the 1:15/2:15 classes. Ironically the teacher for that ALSO didn't show up (food poisoning), so I just worked out on the machines and picked up a fuckload of magazines there to read. Whee!

As for my improv class, pretty much everyone including the teacher (whose train from work was massively late) seemed to have missed it last week, and this week it was just her and me. So er, I think its petered out already. She wants to have a summer class, but I fear everyone will flake on that too :P

Though the good news on that front is that while we were waiting around for people to (not) show up and yakking, I think theres some friendship potential. We dont live that far off from each other, have some of the same hobbies, I talked her into volunteering at the CC in the fall after her weddings over, and she said we should get together sometime to knit or go to the movies or some such, assuming we have overlapping free time (neither of us does much!). Wow. That blew my mind. She is so cool. Id love to pal around with her.

Speaking of recruiting for the CC, I went to the yarn store this weekend to pick up more yarn for the poncho I'm making and to get stuff for another project, and ended up chatting with the girl in the store. I think I may have recruited her for volunteering at the CC too. Which is a yay because it seems like almost everyone I hang out with the most at the CC is graduating this quarter, quitting, or at least going away for the summer. I fear I shall be stuck with flaky nooby freshmen who spend the entire shift studying for summer school.

I also picked up the new CC schedule. New beading class on Tuesdays! Yay! Other than that, not too much happening on weekends other than frit painting- I think I will do that one. Debating about taking murini and enameling and airbrush painting again, which pretty much would leave me doing shifts on Wednesday nights. Though I still want some weeknights free to go work out, so... who knows what I'm going to do yet. It depends on
the EC schedule and the gym schedule, both of which come out a lot later.

Oh, and they are having a hippie party in a couple of weekends, complete with tie-dye and henna. I CANNOT WAIT. So naturally, I told Mom this and she's all, "Well, your cousin might be having her graduation party then." To which I said, "If the party's before 5 p.m., I ain't going. Hell, I'm not even invited to her graduation in the first place." (Mom told them not to bother looking for tickets.)

Sunday I spent doing marbling at the CC. While I think it's a way too complicated thing to set up and do in the privacy of my own home (i.e. takes a few days of prep, can only get supplies online, cats would get in mess, etc.), it's a really cool craft to do when someone else has set it set up for you. It's kind of like painting on a lake- if you paint on the right surface, it all just stays on the surface, and you can shape the pattern on the water however you want. And then all you do is dump a (pre-treated) piece of paper on the top and voila! You have a print! How neat is that? I only wish I could do this more often, but even the teacher admitted that other than these workshops, she only does it twice a year and spends all weekend doing it.

Now I've got all these papers prettily painted, and I have no idea what to do with them. I'm not much of a "paper arts" person- I don't make fancy cards (they wouldn't get mailed anyway) and stuff like that. (I actually wanted to make a shirt, but got nixed on that one for shirt-making being too complicated.) Figure out how to make paper beads? Anyway, pictures will probably go on the craft blog in a day or two.

In other fascinating news, I bought a bunch of workout clothes this week. Expensive, yes, but I love it when the campus has sales. Even if they have no dressing rooms and ask you to buy the items first, THEN go try them on, which is ridiculous. I got two books for cheap, socks, two pairs of workout pants, two sports bras, and another tank top, most of which (okay, the pants and bras) I needed. Yay. Plus I was actually responsible enough to TAKE BACK some of the clothes I bought (I would have had another shirt and pair of pants added to that total, except the shirt made me look like Hooters McHooterson in a bad way and the pants were way see-through), something I never freaking do.

I need. to. stop. the. shopping, though. At least until next payday. It seems like whenever I have to go errand running on weekends (or hang out with Denise), it's shopping time for Jen. Or maybe I just need to do some sort of social activity that doesn't involve wandering around a store area.

Speaking of social activities that dont involve stores, I nearly went to see Star Wars this weekend, since I had the free time. I wandered down there to see if the crowd had cleared out yet, since I refuse to pay full night time price or wait in line for hours by myself to see a SW flick any more. Amazingly, it hadn't. People were lined up for the 7 p.m. show, for chrissake. Oh well, I think I'll just go during the three-day weekend. God knows I probably won't have anyone to hang out with then anyway, unless Heather and Chris and/or others feel like clubbing. So instead I went home and watched junk television (i.e. "Newlyweds Season One" and "Chaotic". Oh lordy.).

And speaking of people I used to hang out with (watch me do-si-do these segues around the entry!), I heard from Jess today- theyre getting a condo and shes finished writing her trilogy of sci-fi books (The Dome Trilogy). Amazing. I dont know how she does it. Explains where shes been instead of checking e-mail, anyway!

Some day Id like to do that- create my own mythology and write about it. I adore analyzing various TV shows like that, and Id love to write something equally as analyzable and deep. Course, Id need more solid ideas to write about than Ive been able to formulate so far. I think of plots, but they all seem to work better as TV shows than novels, and since I dont think Id like working in the TV business, that problem needs fixing!

Course, Id like to actually get some writing done the other 11 months of the year, too, and I aint getting anywhere with that, either. I miss having deadlines and having someone CARE if I ever got a piece of writing done. If nobody cares, I get all craft-distracted and do something else instead. I suspect if I (miraculously) had some sort of writing contract, Id plug away at my writing reliably and industriously, but thats not gonna happen without some initiative beforehand!

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