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Today Sucked

2013-06-06, 10:57 p.m.

Today is one of those Tower sort of days.

I wore a new skirt I got and decided to dress it up with some nice little platform sandals. By which I mean, they just happen to have a thick sole, not like they have a stiletto heel or something. They're about an inch off the ground. You would think this would not be like, a super fucking problem for walking around.

Apparently not. First there was this time when I tripped.... and then today I was crossing the street on my way to work and hit the rough end of the curb on the edge of the gutter and my heel just kind of rolled and I fucking plowed into it. I am just lucky the nearest cars weren't driving up to hit me for that one.

My left knee is massively scraped, my right knee is somewhat less so. I have somehow lost the polish on half my toenails (don't ask me on that one). My right hand only got scraped a bit, thank goodness, but I am fairly sure I sprained my left pinky, and i definitely gouged my left hand in 3 places (including said pinky area).

This happened about five minutes from my house, and I had an 8:15 meeting at work. All I could do was keep walking along and bleeding until I finally found a bathroom. Then I had to liberally raid the first aid kit to tape gauze pads all over myself. I really, really wish this hadn't happened on a day when I had 2 meetings, because it was pretty public to everyone that I am a clumsy dumbass who can't walk in heels. I luckily had (a) a pair of cheap flat sandals and (b) a pair of gym pants at my desk, so I could at least not trip again and cover up my nasty wounds that were freaking everyone out. My hand looks pretty terrible though.

Obviously I can type with a sprained pinky- I figured there was point in going to a doctor about it, after the first couple of times I went in for sprains they were all, "We can't do anything for you"-- but it's kinda unpleasant. And so far, knitting...nooooo...and as the day's gone on my right wrist is feeling a bit wrenches. Everyone kept telling me to go home, but between all the meetings AND my workload was huge today AND I had volunteering tonight that I don't want to have to make up by doing 4 hours of intense cleaning on a weekend.... It's annoying at times to have work ethic going on like this, plus my mom's voice in my head saying it's not okay to not go to work unless you are passing out or camping in Mr. Toilet for too long.

But really, I haven't had much to do for most of this week at work (except for waiting on people--those hours have been crazy) EXCEPT TODAY, where I've had maybe 20 minutes of free time at a stretch in between giant piles o' stuff.

Other things that went wrong today:

* My phone decided to turn itself on while at work (I do not get cell reception there, so I try to have it off all day), and when I pulled out my phone to call L at lunch about her car, the phone was nearly dead. I left a message and when she called back, I pulled it out...and it flew out of my hand and broke. Well, at least I can put it back together after it drops.

* I had decided that I'd go home on the bus during lunch to change clothes. I called L to debate whether or not she wanted me to pick up the car at lunch or after 5 p.m. to go get her for CC tonight, but she was already on campus, so there was no need. I was all, why don't we just both catch the bus home to my house tonight after shift and get it then?

It turned out to be a good thing that we weren't shooting for me to get the car at lunch, because OF COURSE the bus broke down and they said it'd be a long time to get another I gave up on that idea and hopped off.

I texted L to tell her that I don't think I want to drive the car today because of all days, either someone would hit me in it or lightning would strike it.

* I had one of Those Meetings at work. My newbie status has long since expired and I am still sucktastic at a subset of my job, which they really can't train me better at, I guess. Fabulous timing to have that meeting to go on today as well. The sad thing is that I am great as long as I know what I am talking about (I really kick ass at my volunteer job!)....but at least 50% of the time I am being asked shit I have no clue about. Sigh.

* Working at the CC tonight was at least to hear about L's trip, she got the other job offer, she's still up in the air on which one to go for, but she does plan to return here for a few times after moving, so that's good.

However, people stayed so long at the CC that we missed the bus home...between my battered knees and her shoes killing her, we were unthrilled at that.

* Also, my finger is now turning scary black and blue shades, so I caved in and made a doctor's appointment for tomorrow morning-- and called into work sick ahead of time, which I was encouraged to do tomorrow anyway since I have no meetings and I don't even have to work a shift at anything and everyone is assuming I will be too fucked up to work! L said I could use her car to go and then I will just drive it to her place and leave the keys at her apartment so she can get it after work. Very nice of her.

* Oh yeah, and I got home and spilled my booze. Which I desperately need today, obviously....

Only what, 50 minutes of this day to go today by the time I finished typing this (and correcting my typos from typing with a sprained pinky)? It can suck it. Go, go, go!

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