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I Can't Walk Any More

2013-06-12, 10:16 a.m.

I didn't go to work on Friday--instead I went to the doctor. L graciously let me use her car for that. I was waiting for as usual, a long time. Bottom line was: (a) yes, I sprained my pinky but they can't really do anything about it, (b) it's gonna be black and blue for like a week, and (c) both the doctor and the nurse I saw were more worried about the oozing wounds on me than anything else.

I got sent to Wound Care and given fishnet tubes to wear rather than taping on sterile pads--apparently the nurse hates tape. I kinda look like Madonna. I have also been told that I will have to use heavy-duty zinc sunscreen on my knees and preferably avoid the sun all summer...yeah, that's not going to go well in SUMMER. No swimming either...well, at least not the first week. I started pondering making myself some kind of fishnet leggings to distract from my ugly-ass leg wound this summer.

After that, I dropped L's car and keys off at her place and eventually took the bus home. Mom booked an overnight stay at the Delta King through some kind of Travelzoo deal for this Friday, so eventually she picked me up to go to that. She kept complaining about the traffic--she had some crazy notion of driving to the nearest town 20 minutes away to somehow bypass the highway traffic, and I was all, that's still gonna take longer than actually going through the nearest freeway. I turned out to be right, hah.

The Delta King is lovely. Riverboats are awesome. The room was surprisingly big under the circumstances, including the bathroom. They have a restaurant or two on board (and a dinner theater in the bottom of the boat, though we didn't do that) and if you're staying there, you can sit out on the deck and watch the various boats going by. It's beautiful, and the weather was super warm during the day, so it made for an excellent night. I'd do it again, or recommend it to anyone in the area. We also bummed around Old Sac a bit.

After checking out, we went up to Nevada City, which I have been wanting to do pretty much since we didn't get to go due to shitty weather in December. There was some kind of car show thing up there, which got Mom interested in going. Though in all honesty, we barely paid attention to the cars. We went in a few stores and then ended up talking to the store owner that we always hang out with when we are there.

She's somebody that I consider to be a circumstantial friend, i.e. we hit it off in person and yet it somehow doesn't really bridge out beyond that, especially since I come here once a year and all that. She said her daughter used to have the same kind of career issues that I do, except she eventually caved in and decided to use her math skills to get an accounting degree. Now she's employed and happy. Oh, how I wish I had secret accounting skills to fall back on instead of being a lameass.

On Sunday, I flaked out of all of my plans that I'd really wanted to do because I kind of felt like crap from all the injuries, and just laid around watching Game of Thrones. For the record: the hand gouges and right knee are healing up, the sprained pinky is still hurting and black and blue, and the left knee....isn't healing much. It's still oozing daily, which I find worrisome.

On Monday, I ran into Dawn on the way to work and agreed to go to Joann's with her and Monica that night. That was fun. I picked up the supplies to make some of the aforementioned fishnet-ish leggings to distract from my giant leg wound.

On Tuesday (and tonight as well), I got invited to a CC friend's house for a crafting party. Yes, this girl's family goes out of town and she throws crafting parties....Last night we watched Babylon 5 and more Game of Thrones, which made me happy.

But I had to walk home again last night...AND I FUCKING TRIPPED AND FELL AGAIN! On the sidewalk, pretty much in the same way as I did before despite being on a sidewalk, wearing flats, and using my cell phone as a flashlight.

I didn't really injure my previous injuries any MORE than I already had--between all of the bandages and layers I have going on to hide the leg wounds, those were covered--but this time my right hand knuckles got skinned because that was the hand holding the cell phone/flashlight. So now I am having even more fun typing, in between the sprain on the one hand and the bandaged knuckles on the other. Also, I feel like a fucking idiot who cannot so much as manage to WALK any more. Except I have to walk all the time.

And for the record, the streets in this town frequently and desperately need repaving. Between all the cracks and raised edges and bumps and crevices and slight potholes going on, no wonder I can't walk any more.

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