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Part 1: In Defense of Karaoke

2019-06-07, 10:07 p.m.

I need to divide up this entry a bit. First, today's activities:

Lioness officially moved into the call center office today and I guess this is her last day of front counter drama. She is relieved. Maria is going to have to train the new girl and when one of the assistants asked why, she wouldn’t say. I said it’s probably because Lioness is burned out to the ceiling.

One of the things Lioness is objecting to and getting nowhere with is that she and I are having to be housed in the call center while trying to work on complicated things (the idea is that we are taking over the jobs of everyone who’s out, more or less). She has been arguing for she and I to get our own office so we can work in quiet, since there has been a lot of office reshuffling lately on the other side of the building and there’s now two offices empty at this point. She has been told NO. I haven’t bothered to ask why because I am pretty sure that reason boils down to “peon public service clerical workers aren’t allowed to have their own offices” even though technically the absent coworkers have their own office and I used to be in that one. I am unsurprised, which is why I don’t say shit about any of it (not that it would work if I said anything). She said she is going to continue to campaign for this anyway and that our erstwhile HR lady (we supposedly have one but she’s rarely around) is “on our side.” Whatever that means. Well, good luck to her and I hope she wins the argument. I like Maria and everyone else that works in there, but noise is an issue and why I have giant headphones on.

I found a briliant article on karaoke that explains why people think I’m so good at it.

“As I've written before, to sing karaoke is to embrace the moment your love of song transcends your love of self. Few activities that survive within American culture encourage this kind of behavior, and we must embrace and celebrate them when we can if we don't want to become completely selfish idiots.
Not all karaoke singers think of their performance this way. Some people choose ironic songs. Very good singers pick a ballad they belt out every time. These are gutless choices, and they often receive only obligatory applause.
The people who are really into it, the people who put in serious car-time or serious shower-time, the people who are practicing in their studio apartments for an hour before going out—these people will get the true, heartfelt applause. Even and especially if they're not great singers.
For this reason, karaoke ranks as one of the most earnest genres of performance. Ironic choices don't win over the crowd. Bloodless ballads don't win over the crowd. Only good, old-fashioned, earnest expression wins.”

I’m debating whether or not to send this to the karaoke crew, if anyone cares about this sort of article. Probably not?

On related news, I also saw a Hamilton music show running in a few weeks, on a night when we don’t have rehearsal (I think). I’m debating whether or not to mention that one as well since only a few of us are apparently that into Hamilton and the rest seemed unknowing about it when it came up in conversation this week. Maybe. I dunno. Probably not.

PG&E is claiming that they might turn off our power this weekend. I’m leaving town.

I got my car back. Good news: pipe is fixed (I think they forgot to charge me for it?!) and the oil is changed. The bad news is that they can’t get Check Engine to go off, said it’s the transmission and I will have to get a dealer to do it. UGHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. I will have to have someone drive my ass back and forth to Sacramento for this and probably rent a car to boot. Fuuuuuuuuuuck I don’t wanna. And smogging comes up in summer.

As for my activities this evening, I'll put that in a separate entry.

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