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Jersey Boys

2018-06-10, 8:42 p.m.

We had another "bad prom" party at the CC this week, but it kind of sucked. They held it on a Thursday, which was a bad idea, and only gave about three days notice, which was another bad idea, especially if you want people to dress up. Very few people actually did, mostly just uh, me. Sigh. There was a brief moment of activity when folks started working on fabric flowers, but mostly it was ... uneventful. Sigh.

On the way home on Friday, Mom said she was watching a basketball game and to go pick up dinner. Yup, that is a boyfriend thing. Mom now loves Steph Curry. Words I never would have imagined there. Though I dunno how much game she actually watched since once I arrived with the pizza she spent like an hour ranting about how her friend Pat was being annoying lately. More about that later.

Anyway, after the Warriors won, Roger called up wanting to go out for milkshakes, so we all did that and he was chatty and it was fun and we didn't get home till 12:30.

Saturday was a giant field trip to Jersey Boys. Now, a while back Mom bought tickets for six people for this, but NOT me because I declined to go. Mostly because I am not a fan of Frankie Valli falsetto ("Sherry Baby," 'nuff said). Then three of them proceeded to do a flake and bail, and thus Roger and I now had to go. The aforementioned Pat found someone to take the last ticket at the last minute.

Mom was wanting to head drama off at the pass because Pat is...
* Very firm and loud and blunt in her opinions
* Wants things the way she wants them
* Doesn't like eating or spending money
* Is going to insist on separate checks for 6 people if we go to dinner afterwards, which is normally the custom when you get out of the theater around 4:45.

Also, according to her Roger will offer to treat everyone and she didn't want him to have to do that for six people. Mom eventually put her foot down and said that everyone was on their own for dinner, but I was totally expecting some kind of battle royale come 5 p.m. because Pat is squirrely like that.

Anyway, Roger very sensibly kept his mouth shut for most of the hen party and made sure to get a drink at intermission. Now all her friends think he's quiet. Hahahahahahah. Pat was doing her usual thing, but I sat in the back with the new girl and she was nice, so that was fine. Roger and Mom were out at intermission, so they all asked me how things were going, and Pat was all, "Gets her out of your hair, huh?" Yup.

I was amazed that there was no battle royale after the show, and everyone dropped off without any restaurant bickering. Roger later took us out for Thai food and froyo and told us stories.

As for Jersey Boys, I ended up really liking it. I knew nothing about the history of the group and was surprised at how ah, criminal most of the guys in the band were. Especially Tommy, who was racking up debt and getting into all kinds of shit all the time. My favorite guy was Bob, the songwriter (also the cutest). Each guy gets to narrate a "season," with Tommy narrating "Spring" because he got the band together (oh, btw, Joe Pesci is also in this!), Bob narrating "Summer" when the band really took off, Nick the bass player narrating "Fall" when the band fell apart after they found out that Tommy racked up a shitton of debt. Even though Frankie was really ticked at Tommy at the time, he agreed to pay off all of Tommy's debts--though that might have been harder because Nick also hit his limit and quit then too. Nick has an epic rant about being a neatnik and having to room with slobby Tommy for ten years, which he delivers to gangsters who are all "uh, thank you for sharing." Frankie narrates "Winter" in which Bob decides to quit performing but still writes the songs, and "the Four Seasons" becomes "Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons," with the Seasons being generic dudes.

On Sunday, I was tentatively planning on going to a festival in Fair Oaks, but couldn't get in the mood to schlep for 2 hours from there starting early in the day, so I mostly bummed around watching Hallmark movies until Roger finally called Mom and I left after that.

"A Harvest Wedding" features a wedding planner who gets booked by her ex's brother's fiance to plan a wedding at the family farm. Unfortunately, the farmer ex was pretty boring (then again, I am not into farming) and it did seem like a mismatch when neither of them seemed to have any interest in moving locations.

I did enjoy watching "Marrying Mr. Darcy," the sequel to "Unleashing Mr. Darcy," otherwise known as "Pride and Prejudice With Dogs." Aunt Violet, the equivalent to Lady Catherine, is now forced to apologize because Donovan and Elizabeth have gotten engaged. She offers to wedding plan and basically gets her way on every single wedding thing because of Darcy tradition. Elizabeth caves in because she doesn't want to be difficult, but between not getting anything she wanted in her wedding and Donovan mostly being AWOL due to work/honeymoon planning, she has a "this isn't MY wedding" sort of moment. So they end up sneakily having the wedding she wanted (in a garden, in the dress she wanted, small) the night before the big church wedding in the blingier dress. Allrighty then!

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