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I'm So Tired Of Life Here

2018-06-15, 5:45 p.m.

I have been soooooo hungry (like, eating for 3 hours and still starving hungry) and tired the last few days after work. i want to go do 10,000 steps but I am so crazy starving hungry I end up never leaving the house because I'm so fucking hungry.

I want to go to 2 shows tonight (one that required ticket buying ahead of time) and I didn't bother buying the ticket and I doubt I'll go to the other one because I am so freaking tired this week. I'm very tired of dredging through and proofreading old shit for 8 hours a day (which is about all I have to do right now, I have an assistant again and this one has more free time so I'm passing what I can to him and that leaves me with the tedious proofreading that I can't pass on to him for legal reasons) because that's all I have to do. I'm tired of having to Look Like I Am Working Hard doing this for hours on end. I am bored as shit of that but anything else I might do I need to pass on to my assistant so he can make a living. Next week the Huge Workload starts too. Whee.

Today some totally random person out of nowhere decided to imprint upon me like a baby bird. They emailed me personally about not being able to do some thing or other. Turns out they are in some special program I HAVE NEVER HEARD OF BEFORE AND DID NOT KNOW IT EXISTED, and when I said I don't work on it, here is the contact information for that program, please go there, I literally can't do anything to help you, they continued to pester me on email for hours and hours. Would not take no for an answer until 11 a.m. when they finally had to leave to go somewhere. Finally someone from said program got all my messages (and a manager's messages because I kept begging another one in my office to help over email when this kept escalating while she was out) took care of him around noon.

Seriously, I'm not listed on their website, nor am I mentioned by name anywhere on the help/FAQ pages. WHY DID HE FIND ME and why would he not take no for an answer? This drives me crazy. If someone says no, I know nothing about this, go to X place, WHY would you keep on pestering me like I'm gonna find an answer under the couch? Oh, sure, you asked five more times so NOW I can help you! I can totally do this program I have zero contact with at all! I really cannot stand anyone who acts like that. Once again, I set boundaries and someone runs all over them and no matter how much I say no, it does no good.

This is Graduation Weekend (and Father's Day weekend but I'm trying to ignore that) and oh god, I can't wait for it to end. Yes, I know it's catty and mean of me to say this, but i am soooooooooooooo burned out on this stuff. I know it's Fresh and New and Happy! for them, but I can't conjure up joy for them. I work in a very photogenic location and I can't go in and out of my work building without The Graduates! posing and taking photos and/or glaring at me for inadvertent photobombing. Everything is covered in glittery confetti (the eco-friendly folks are Very Mad about this) and I am so tired of seeing sexy hot girls in very tight, short dresses and very high heels and stoles posing literally everywhere I go. I saw underwear today (SHUT IT DUDES I DO NOT CARE ABOUT YOUR BONERS READING THIS, assuming anyone at all ever sees this, which probably not). Girls, WEAR SKIRTS THAT ARE TWO INCHES LONGER SO YOU DON'T FLASH ANYONE WHEN YOU SIT. Which I reasonably assume is going to happen during your wonderful graduation ceremony and all of your fancy restaurant dinners afterwards. And I can't speak for your boyfriends or girlfriends, but your relatives may not be delighted to check out your cooter on such a special day, just saying!

Next week will be insane workloadwise for me (because Other Drama is about to explode from my clientele, all in a panic again because they need everything NOW and my assistant and I are the dead last people in the chain of approvals), but at least The Graduates! should be freaking gone. I'm hiding in my apartment right now to avoid The Graduates! (all the parking is gone, guess why) because man, I'm just tired of all of that stuff.

25 years more to go of this. I'm not even halfway there yet.

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