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Bars and Wonderfalls

2006-03-12, 9:53 a.m.

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Okay, by special request, this is getting updated. (Hi, Mike!)

On Saturday, we went to my writer's group brunch (they have one once a month). It's held at a truck stop diner-type restaurant because they don't care if you stay there for three hours yakking. I was kind of worried about what Jess was going to eat there because she's vegetarian, but when I told her the name of the place, she was all excited. "I used to go there all the time and talk to truckers!"

After that we did stuff like looking for bead stores in Sacramento. Man, it's great to go somewhere where you DON'T know the inventory of the store forwards and backwards by now.

And that night... we had a much more entertaining bar experience.

Since going dancing had been such a bust, I suggested we go over to the G Street Pub, which is where I used to hang out on Friday nights when I was working at the newspaper. They had live music playing, and Jess wanted to go listen to music and get drunk enough that she shouldn't drive home. Whee!

So, she had some wine and then a bunch of half-and-halfs and was feeling verrrrry fine. Meanwhile, I had two apple ciders and somehow found myself constantly running to the bathroom.

The band playing that night was actually good, which I wasn't expecting. And certain members of the band were also quite cute. The lead singer was one of them. He actually wore glasses, which I wouldn't have expected on a rock n' roll guy. I also got amused that he'd take his glasses off after a few songs. Then he took off the guitar. I said to Jess, "Watch, he's gonna take off his shirt next." I called it! Alas, there was a T-shirt on underneath.

They also had a guest electric violinist playing with them, which was really cool and made me wish I'd actually buckled down when I was in orchestra instead of fucking off and fencing with my violin bow all day. He was also quite cute. Though he did have a disturbing resemblance to Jeremy, if anyone remembers Jeremy from the Dave days. Course, I knew it wasn't Jeremy because Jeremy had no talents beyond passing STD's around and playing geek games.

Anyway, Jess and I happily listened to music, and she'd make...interesting... comments about how pretty the band members were and how she'd stick them on a shelf next to Orlando Bloom and old-school Elijah Wood. She'd also yell "PANTS!" quite a bit.

And speaking of pants, I was surprised to spot Rob, one of the managers at the CC, there. I recognized him from behind because he's one of those guys who has still kept up the style of the sagging-ass pants with a big ol' sagging belt and boxers. I seem to recall literally pointing at his ass and saying to Jess (who'd seen him the night before), "Hey, isn't that Rob? I recognize the butt and the belt..." Jess's comment was that he really should be wearing tight jeans instead.

Rob finally turned around at one point and I waved at him, and he looked at me like he didn't know who I was. And I started thinking, "Fuck, did I get the wrong guy and some stranger thinks I'm coming on to him?" Luckily, he figured out who I was.

After the show was over, I picked up their live CD and met the violinist. A very nice fellow.

By rights, I should be mentioning the band's name/webpage/what have you here. But frankly... yeah, in the age of "Everyone checks their referrer logs!" I would be somewhat embarrassed to have the band find this link. Plus they have a distinctively spelled band name. If you really want to know, e-mail me or something.

We went home, and my roommate Ian came in soon after that. He and his girlfriend broke up last weekend, and Jess offered to do a tarot reading for him. He said he'd only had bad readings before, but Jess is VERY good at it, and she evidently gave him an accurate one. So, that was cool.

Sunday was quieter, as Jess had gotten her clubbing/bar/drunken yaya's out. Heh. We went to (yes, another) a bead store in Sac, which was even more impressive than the last one. I found strings and strings of seashell and pearl beads, which I stocked up on for Whole Earth. (I really should make more sea necklaces. Those things are popular.) Then we went home and I made her watch Wonderfalls. Another convert!

After awhile, we went back and got Chinese takeout. Somehow we got into talking about tarot stuff with the guy working in the store. I think we got into that because she asked if we got fortune cookies and he said yes and Jess made a comment about how she had to know what her future was going to be. (One of her NaNo novels involved using fortune cookies as a divining device.)

After we left the restaurant, Jess had a "Wonderfalls" moment, where she felt like she had to go walk down the street for some reason. The only store open was the bookstore, and some guy was playing music in there. So she made a beeline in there and talked to the guy. She also picked up his CD, some books, and replaced a tarot deck she'd lost years ago. "It fell down in front of me!" Very Wonderfalls.

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