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2019-06-15, 8:15 p.m.

Friday is kind of a short entry so I might as well combine:

Quote of the day from Lioness: “I don’t contain my crazy!”

I didn’t sleep at whatsoever last night. Throughout the day at work I didn’t exactly feel tired (or like I could go to sleep) but I did feel like I had a fog over my brain all day. I kept waiting and waiting so I could go home and rest...and then of course once I left work I was filled with energy once again. Go figure. I did restrain myself from going out and went to bed by 9 (again, not something I can normally do), so there’s that.

I also...well, years ago I had a thing about finding a lot of blue feathers around town. I haven’t been doing that much lately, but the feathers seem to be coming back because I found sixteen of the things yesterday. This is a hopeful sign.

I...seem to have some local fan club going on? By which I mean the following:
(a) At lunch today, Dawn said she met someone from the CC (Laura, who lives a few blocks over from me) who was raving about my stuff and had photos on her phone.
(b) I am work buddies with some folks in another department. A week or two ago I had a meeting with their department and they gave me a little gift box of treats. Today they drove by me and rolled down the window to say hi and thank me for doing some stuff today. Awww.


Today I went to see Rocketman. My thoughts:

* Taron Egerton does an excellent job of playing a guy whose inner vulnerable nerd is creeping out, even through all the bling at times. Angry scenes, I dunno.
* Wearing glasses with a different colored bridge or anything specifically different around the nose is very distracting and annoying and makes you stare at Elton’s face cross-eyed. This is a fashion faux pas. The only pair that actually pulled it off was the pair with the blue stone in the middle.
* Whatever that pair of glasses was with the...white hair?...whisping off all over, it was bad.
* I seriously kept noting his glasses because he changed them constantly.
* Ohhhhhh, so he’s in a therapy group in a winged devil costume because he walked out of Madison Square Garden.... and then that outfit has detachable horns?! Who detaches the horns?!
* I feel sorry for the poor schmucks who got paid for days to sit around and stare while Elton went on in therapy.
* Wow, his parents were terrible. His mom just gets colder and colder. And that was the parent who actually kept him around. (Stepdad seems nice though?)
* I really liked the guy who played Ray. When Elton fires the (literal) Dick who was running his business, Ray says a sad goodbye and then Elton is all, “Couldn’t we have kept Ray? He was lovely.” I concur.
* Elton meets a girl, gets married and then divorced in approximately two minutes. I think he dated his landlady least 2.5 minutes?
* According to TV Tropes, John Reid was in both this movie and Bohemian Rhapsody. Dang.
* I’m Gonna Love Me Again and its video are fantastic.
* That time when John Reid is all “I’ll still be making money off you after you commit suicide” is fucking flabbergasting.
* This movie makes me think it’s like the musical fantasies that people (hi, Rebecca Bunch) have in their heads going on. When Elton starts dancing down the hall in rehab at the end I was all “yup, do that in the house.”
* This is the one movie that ever made the seventies look good. Seriously, every time I ever see a movie set in the 70’s (normally I try to avoid that) my eyes bleed at the terrible fashion and faded colors. This one? People actually look good while still fitting the look of the time. Color is there. (Duh, it’s Elton John, it better be.) Even the “normal” people look perfectly fine. So yay there.

And after that, I went to our town’s equivalent of the Thank Goodness For Staff day (except more “Thank Goodness People Live Here,” I guess) with Dawn, and picked up more free stuff and saw fireworks. I don't have much to say on that score beyond "hey, I got free pens and stuff and a new compost bin since mine got stolen" and "fireworks were nice, and it somehow is more interesting to watch them go off in not full dark." You can see a giant cloud of smoke after though.

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