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Order of the Phoenix Weekend

2003-06-22, 6:22 p.m.

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Harry Potter weekend!!!

This was fun. Last time this happened in town, I had to go to the independent bookstore for work purposes at night and then the big chain the next morning. I decided this year to switch off and go to the big chain, since the independent was having more adult-ish stuff, plus 10% off one other book if you bought it along with HP. (Plus, nobody from the paper came to that store. Phew.) They were also going to have a costume contest, so I decided to dress up as Professor Trelawney (the Divination instructor, ahem). My fancy outfit from Harvest Festival worked perfectly for that, and I got a veritable shitload of compliments that evening on it.

The store went all out. The employees were dressed up as characters, and Moaning Myrtle was very dead on and frightening. "It's not nice to stare at people!" she screeched all evening. There was an employee supposedly dressed as Professor Trelawney, but just in a black robe, hat and boa. She thought my costume was better! Mrs. Weasely looked good, and there was a girl dressed as Ginny that was dead on. I was amazed that any adults other than me and ones with small children were dressed up, but there were some!

I was running around the store all happy, picking myself up a copy of The Idiot's Guide to Being Psychic (great prop, eh?), and generally being happy to have an excuse to hang around in a book store for a few hours, sampling butterbeer and the like. Dave, alas, was about to pass out at like 11. I also got a Golden Snitch keychain, but it apparently decided to fly off my keychain today. *sigh*

I even got up the nerve to enter the costume contest, which I really wanted to do since mine was actually good, but I feared that I would not be allowed to enter since I wasn't a Cute Little Kid. Lord knows everything in this town can play to Cute Little Kids sometimes. However, nobody objected to it, and I ended up getting a new nice black baseball cap with "Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix" in gold on it. I've been wearing it all weekend.

We finally got our books (I ended up picking up Dave's mom a copy since they were all sold out and not going to be in until mid-July in that town) around 12:45 or so. Dave wouldn't let me read past the table of contents in line, and he wouldn't let me start reading at all once we got home- he wanted to go sleep. Grrrr, argh.

We spent all of Saturday reading, with one detour to go pick up alcohol. Dave, alas, is one of those "NO SPOILER!" people, which made it a bit of a problem since (a) I read about twice as fast as he does, and (b) I desperately wanted to discuss certain revelations RIGHT THEN AND NOW and COULDN'T. Hell, he'd glare at me if I so much as laughed at a funny remark and give me the "Don't tell!" He even did that when I said, "Can I read you something? I promise it's not REMOTELY spoilery, puh-leeze?" Sure, a few hours later he'd be where I was, and maybe we could talk, but I'm impatient, dammit. Reading fast can be a royal PITA sometimes. And people wonder why I never join book clubs.

I thought it was bloody excellent, btw. Best book yet. (For those who have read it already, my thoughts can be found on this spoiler thread.) I need to write it up for the booklog. Man, it's gonna be a long wait for the next one...three more years, right? Horrible thought that I'll be 28 years old and still dressed up hanging around the small children in the bookstore, eh?

Of late I have been signing up to swap craft items on Artisans Exchange, and received my first swap of clay books on Saturday. I practically had a craftgasm looking at them. Ooooooooooh. This, of course, prompted me to go buy more clay on Sunday. I am bad and yet it feels so good.

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