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I Have Wine In There

2019-06-24, 8:35 a.m.

Work sucked. I was super overloaded, I can’t get anyone to help me because they are all also overloaded, I no longer have an assistant dedicated to just my easy workload stuff any more, people kept interrupting me to ask me questions, and tomorrow I have to spend most of the day testing the damn computer system instead of plowing through my super urgent work load. Blech. Though I was supposed to have a meeting today and the other party TOTALLY FLAKED AND BAILED, so at least I could leave and go back to plowing through the pile instead. Honestly, I would have actually been surprised if they’d showed up rather than the other way around, because trying to meet or do anything with them is generally fairly trainwreck.

I scheduled the appointment with the dealer on Wednesday. I will have to rent a car for $55/day because otherwise I can’t get home. Ugh. Enough on that for now.

Today Lioness said something along the lines of, “How come nobody ever says anything about what’s going on around here except for me and then I get in trouble for it?” I said, “That’s exactly why nobody else around here says anything.” What good does it do? It does no good and causes nothing but bad to happen to you.

I heard from GQ today, saying that things are awesome where he’s currently working and now he’s realizing that not every office at our giant org is like mine. And then he straight up asked me ON WORK E-MAIL (seriously, I gave him my private one for a reason!) if I was planning on leaving. I said I have no plans to leave and pointed out later that my skill set isn’t exactly transferable to other offices.

On more fun notes, I got some quotes from people:

Dawn at lunch: “Did I ever tell you about my Shakespearean injury? Who knew working at a library would be dangerous?” She sprained her wrist while picking up a book. The doctor’s response to this was, “It just goes to prove, Shakespeare should be seen and not read.”

I went to knitting group today and Carolyn said, “Today is my 47th wedding anniversary.” Her husband died a few years ago. She pulled out her water bottle, slapped it on the table and said, “I have wine in there.” We were all, “you go, girl.”

Work is progressing on my Halloween costume, a Captain Marvel outfit. I finished sewing the body of the sweater and now it’s time to start making decorations for it.

I watched the movie “Billy Elliot” tonight. That show is coming up on our season tickets for the summer...when I will be performing. They run shows Friday/Saturday/Sunday nights in Oakland, so I am debating whether or not to try to see the show on Sunday, though it will be a humongous pain in the ass/have to drive home for hours in the dark afterwards since they don’t do matinees there. Is this show good enough to try to do that for? I dunno. I did not like the movie much. Sure, I’m all in favor of a boy who just wants to dance, but the kid himself is pretty taciturn and uninteresting in personality. He pretty much says “dunno” when asked why he likes dancing, something that goes against like, his entire manly man family dynamics. The rest of it is pretty stereotypical and goes exactly how you think it will. So....not that impressed. Maybe the musical is better?

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