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2005-06-28, 10:43 p.m.

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For once, I'm going to write about work. Don't worry, no corporate espionage secrets or making fun of anyone going on here.

I heart my boss. I really do. Much as the situations suck and you don't wish it on anyone, it definitely helps that she's in the Dying Parent Club too at times. Sounds like we've got a fair amount in common on that score.

Anyway, she asked if I was going to take vacation time this year or not, and I said probably not and explained why. She understood, but said "Well, you could take FMLA leave for the situation. I'll probably have to use it too at some point. So you don't totally have to save vacation time for that."

So. I have not gone out and officially announced this to Mommie Dearest or anything of yet, but I have tentatively reserved time off around the end of the summer in between quarters ending. If no bad shit goes down in between then, I can say, go flee down south for shopping and book talk.

Let's hope nothing goes too terribly wrong in that meantime, eh?

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