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When It Rains, It Pours, I Guess...

2013-06-28, 9:43 a.m.

So. As you know, Bob, I haven't bought a car the way I said I would, due to various things freaking me the crap out about it. the last week or so, this has kind of changed.

L has gotten a job on the other side of the country and will be moving by mid-August. (Sigh. But I knew it was inevitable. She's always been on a short-term plan here, and I figured she'd move back to the coast her family is on, and sure 'nuff.) And she decided she doesn't want to take her car with her...would I like it? I flat out said yes, since I know and love that car and already know the mechanic that works on it and the price is totally affordable for me/doesn't drain most of my savings/still leaves savings to pay for the inevitable car repairs. I figured we'd work out the details after L finishes off the two trips she's taking right now and in the first week of July. (Busy girl.)

But....I had not told Mom this information. I have been putting it off because, well, dramaz will ensue. So when the requisite phone call nights came, I did not tell her. I figured I'd try to put it off until she gets back from Alaska or something.


Because last night as I'm cat-sitting, she calls up with her friend Tom and they are all both excited because Tom has a car to sell me. It's a newer model, a Toyota, a red hatchback. They were so excited to send me pictures! And they're bubbling over on the phone! And I'm sitting here thinking, "Oh, SHIT..... I am going to get pressured like hell to buy this car now." I waited until after Tom went home to tell her about car #1. She was, of course, unthrilled and pressuring me to get the new car. And preferably to agree to it by oh, tonight or so before she goes to Alaska.

Oh, for the love of God. I did not think this was going to be THAT HARD, given the circumstances that were going on as of oh, last week. Though I guess one way or the other I am getting a car this bizarre is that? But it looks like there will be, of course, MOAR DRAMAZ about doing so than I was figuring there'd be. Gah. This terrifies me.

I haven't told L this yet--I figure I should break that particular news in person. I'd much rather get her car, but there's gonna be drama and pressure put on me to get the other car, and god knows I don't do super well at standing up to the steamroller pressures of my mom. Or people arguing with me about the reasonable logic of "newer!" and "Toyota!" So....argh.

Plusses about first car: Volvo (like them), already know it, affordably priced, already has good mechanic for it.

Minusses: Older, I guess? It's black? You have to buy the premium gas. Has a few quirks, but what doesn't.

Plusses about second car, to my knowledge: nice color (red, though I'm told that's not great for getting busted for speeding), newer, Toyota, which everyone tells me I should get.

Minusses: possibly the color, the price will drain most of my savings (which does not thrill me), and it's a hatchback. I am not super thrilled with the lack of trunks on hatchbacks, which means you can't hide anything in the trunk when you are in a city. EVERYONE can see what you left in the car and then break into it. Plus when you drive one, it's like bifocals on the back of the car, with this line in the middle of your rear view. I do not find those things to be terribly awesome when renting Zipcars.

If the second car was the one option, I"d probably go for it, even if I am not thrilled on the lack of trunk. But....oh hell. I'd rather get the first one, but I know how shit I am at holding the line against Mom.

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