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One Minute Play Workshop

2020-07-03, 5:54 p.m.

No, I didn't stay up all night watching Hamilton like you thought I would. I was going to get together with Shanna in the morning to read Romeo and Juliet and figured I should go in on more than a few hours sleep. Which on the one hand was probably good for me because I would have been woken up by more people making lawn racket, Sneezy McCoughsalot's charming early morning routine, etc. had I been able to sleep past nine. Also I want to try to find three hours of uninterrupted time to watch it, which is going to be A Challenge for the next couple of days. (Mom texted to say that Evan has now been added to our Disney Plus family and this is her best purchase ever.)

Ironically, Shanna was up all night having some kind of fight with her Scott, which boils down to they have a lot of personal differences as to how they operate, what they value, how they communicate, etc. which is sounding pretty opposite on a lot of levels. It made me feel sad to hear about, but ah.... yeah, maybe just friends might be better under the circumstances. Sigh. Well, I don't really know what it's like to be asexual/romantic, but it has always struck me as being a hard thing to do since that seems fairly rare to find. He's physical, she's intellectual, he's not asexual, she has allergy issues a la my Scott and wasn't sure how to bring it up with hers about what he eats setting her off for a few days (I said about how mine had done it as an example).... you get the drift. Anyway, she was pretty sleepy but went for it anyway this morning and had a good time. We recorded it, which is full of flubs, but what the hell. Maybe we'll do it again later. I apparently did quite a good job as the friar chewing Romeo out for being all emo-pants and not counting his blessings.

It is amazing how she and I have hit it off so fast and so well. It makes me think sometimes, why waste my time on dwelling on a fellow who wants to be distant, or whatever is going on, when really I should be having an insta-connection like this? Albeit platonically here.

I had signed up for what I thought sounded like an interesting psychiatric sort of lecture in the late morning. However, when I got in there I was all hoo boy, I am in the wrong place. It was apparently some organizational meeting for networking with entrepreneurs, they were going to install board members first thing and then go into breakout rooms to network.... and I was all NOPE NOT THE INTENDED AUDIENCE FOR THIS, I AM OUT. So that left me with more free time in the morning than I expected, but still not three hours for Hamilton. Oh well. I am signed up to watch some trauma conference online where they only put the videos up for 24 hours, so I started in on watching those. Christiane Northrup did a good talk on energy vampires and going "grey rock" or 'wounded bird" (i.e. when they call you wanting something, say you're sick and they will go away immediately). I thought about passing it off to Jackie, but doubt she'd be into watching it. Then I listened to one about changing your attachment style through touch and kind eyes and I thought, "well, can't do that these days...."

In the afternoon I did a one minute play workshop, which is the first of its kind. I had never heard of such a thing before, but apparently one minute play festivals are a thing somewhere--at least in Halifax, where he mentioned that they have one. It was a nice group of people and an instructor I got along with very well. We read a one minute play of his, featuring a dad and son. Dad can't find his wrench while trying to fix the sink and keeps yelling at his son so much (I guess son has been pissing him off a lot lately) about everything that the kid can't get a word in edgewise. Finally when the dad stops, the kid says, "The wrench is in your pocket." Keep it simple. So basically you have a protagonist and antagonist and a goal and theme and all of that, but in a minute.

Juan the instructor came up with a very random list of occupations for people and then said to pick some and come up with play ideas/a play for them. Some of the suggestions were "professional Grandma finder" and "professional dinosaur walker," and I thought, "What if those combined together? That would be.... bad." My other one I wrote was about a seat filler and a funeral clown, with also bad results when combining. Heh heh heh. Can't wait to share with Shanna and Kelly at some point.

From my email: that theater company that was insisting on having in-person auditions has postponed the show to 2021. Good. An art gallery has shut down for three weeks but will still allow small parties by private appointment.

Then I did a workshop online about Lenormand card decks, which was interesting. I kind of wish there had been a bit more time to go into how card combining went, but when you have to talk about each card individually, that's gonna take awhile. As I said to the fellow teaching it, nobody talks much about Lenormand except Mary Greer, so it was good to hear someone talk about it. He said essentially it's a lot simpler and the card meanings are pretty blunt, and you don't do one card readings because the cards pair together to mean what they mean. Some have similarities to tarot, and some just LOOK like they have similarities to tarot but aren't really (for example, the Tower card isn't the unexpected surprises card there). I should try this out again sometime. I bought a deck a few years ago but didn't really get into it much by myself.

The one not-great thing was that some kind of weird sound issue was going on the entire time. Most people had theirs on mute, except for one person, and I kept assuming all the weird racket-y noises going on were from her and I kept wishing she'd go on mute, and debated whether or not I wanted to be The Asshole Who Says Something. It's a good thing I didn't , because once she actually did put herself on mute, the noise was still going it must have been on the presenter's end. Ah well, what can you do. Still cool, though.

At 5:30 I watched the "Roanoke Rocks the 3rd Virtual Celebration" (online, on YouTube!) so I could get something more typical in. Good job for putting something together, Roanoke. Pre-taped segments, good idea. It started out with a magic show, so selling point for me! Cheerfully corny stuff that I'm assuming involved his relatives. He did some magic lesson stuff and some virtual magic you can do from home. There was a BMX biking event, featuring a 9-year-old blonde girl going by "Worm." Yesssssssssss. I love seeing a girl do something like that. Then they had a Journey cover band, which was my favorite part. Hearing them sing the song Scott does.... sigh, y'know. Sending all my love along the wire.. I would also like to point out that the mayor of Roanoke goes by "Scooter" and sang the national anthem himself. And then, some filmed fireworks. Thank you very much, and they said if necessary they'd do it again virtually next year. Good for you for acknowledging that (and in Texas, no less). Better than the Mount Rushmore one, I say.

I made another weird omelet for dinner again. I still like it!

Then at 8 I watched a show by Pan Improv Theater in Oakland. I'll be honest, I just wasn't feeling these folks, though I did appreciate that they were very diverse for an improv troupe, and I don't just mean people of color, I mean a lot of older people. It was okay but I think I laughed once? I dunno, maybe it was just me, but I wasn't really into it tonight and didn't feel like recapping it. Ah well.

Anyway, this was also a very good day in quarantine, really. Other than being kinda bored on the last show, it was a fun time.

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