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A Brief Entry Upon My Return

2007-07-15, 11:26 p.m.

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Well, I'm back, online, etc. Feels like I never left, which I suppose is bad and good. (I shouldn't be able to slip into old life so dang easily after 2 weeks, I think. That just seems odd.)

I will attempt at some point to write up entries from vacation. Not to mention photo album, but I've got like 800 pictures to go through to do that (choke). Not to mention that I have something (NOT gym, which would be more optional) going on every night this week until Sunday night or so. Argh. Hell, once I finally got to be alone here it took all night to do stuff like download pics.

I can sum up the trip in four words: Hawaii good, family pissy.

While I am not as madly in love with Big Island and Kauai as much as I am Oahu, there's still love for island life in general. I liked getting to know other islands, comparing their little quirks, picking up tons of alohawear and jewelry and books and whatnot (duh). I still want to move to the islands someday, to the point of picking up books on how to move to Hawaii. Yeah, I know that's not realistically going to happen unless I marry for money, but sometimes I just wanna dream. It's just so awesome there. But I'll elaborate on that later.

With regards to the family, well... yeah, stuff with Mom went about same as usual- didn't start fighting for a full week, then fought a lot to a fair chunk for the other week. Same old, same old.

But what surprised me was how things went rather sour with the rest of the family, particularly by the second week. I can say with certainty that my aunt hates me, my mom hates my cousins, and my aunt, uncle, and mom all hate each other by the end of this trip. Which is pretty sad when this is the good side of the family- I said this to Mom and she said now she was reconsidering that they were the good side. Oy. Suffice it to say, we'll never travel with them again, my mom's given up the idea of being friends with her sister and moving closer to her, and I am wondering what the hell will go on for fall holidays. Which is pretty sad all around, I think. I think two weeks of constant togetherness probably got on everyone's nerves, combined with two fairly different styles of what people like to do on vacation. I mean, I'm used to coming back from a trip hating my entire family (see vacation from hell in 2004), but this is the first time where everyone else is even pissier than I am. Yikes. You know they're pissed when they forgot their camcorder in Mom's car and it's been two days and they haven't called in a panic to get it back.

Again, people wonder why I don't want to have a family of my own and don't want in-laws. Well... I've always said that I'll pick the side that ignores me over the malevolent side any day, and I'll still make that choice. But that said... yeah. Looking forward to NOT seeing any of my relatives for at least four days in a row here.

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