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Weekend of Maximum Spending

2004-07-16, 9:31 p.m.

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So far, I hadn't spent much this month. A book, a few comics, some shoes.

Blew that all out of the water today. Though I was pretty aware it was going to happen, as this weekend turned out to be a local massive sale bonanza. Nearly all of my favorite downtown stores are having a sale for three days this weekend. I had to go look.

Course, I probably shouldn't have bought a book off Amazon that I've been looking for (I think it's out of print) and finally showed up on the used book lists today. Over $20 (with shipping- though for shipping from the UK it was amazingly cheap) for what would have sold for $10 if it wasn't out of print. Oy.

Anyway, went looking during lunch and didn't buy anything, which was pretty impressive for me, but I did find plenty after work.

* A big beaded bracelet of many colors, which is adjustable and works as a bracelet or anklet, for about $10.

* A postcard with an animated/changes picture butterfly- goes from blue to red. Awesome. I got the last of them and the store owner was amazed they were selling so well.

* A black skirt with many many pockets. I've never SEEN this many pockets on a skirt before. Two tiny ones around the hips, two huge ones on the butt (which would be great if I liked to sit on my wallet, which I don't, but oh well), two on each side, and one of the side pockets zipped and the other buckled, and the buckled side had even tinier pockets on the front of the big pocket! Too cool! Alas, $44 and the only big thing not at all on sale when I was shopping. But...the pockets...I had to! So useful! I've been very annoyed lately at the lack of pockets in skirts.

* A pink, purple, black and white tight dress that made my boobs look fabulous. (Har.) About $30 after sale knockoff.

* A blue/pink/green sheer flowy top that has to be seen to be believed, about $20 after sale knockoff.

(After this point I was all "fuck, I've spent a ton, aieee.")

* A hardback book, normally $22, for ONE DOLLAR. Holy crap.

Even cooler, this bookstore was offering ARC (advance reader's copies, if y'all didn't know- not totally typo-corrected book copies which are NOT allowed to be sold) for free, five books per day. I found a lot of books I've been wanting and was soooo happy! Hell, one of the books I found I was going to go over to Borders and buy after I left this store! And I have it for FREE!

After that, I went to the yarn store because I needed a few nitpicky supplies, and started flipping through the books. I got one, "KnitLit," that looked like fun to read, and someday I WILL go back for The Urban Knitters Guide so I can make the dress in it. (When I'm better at what I'm doing.)

Normally when I've been in that store there's been this rather cool redhead working there, but this time there was this friendly blonde with glasses (gee, do I relate or what?) who was all, "Do you need help or are you just looking around?" Right way to phrase it! Anyway, later on she told me and everyone else around (there was a stitch 'n bitch type thing going on outside on the patio) that if you bought yarn that there were 3 skeins or less of, you could get it for 40% off. So I grabbed the one remaining skein of my tank top ribbon yarn that I didn't buy last time, and two remaining skeins of Mount Fuji mix that I'd been eyeing. Total: $40something.

After that I got up the nerve (since I already had my knitting on me) to go out and join the Stitch 'n Bitchers outside... and they were nice to me, yay. One of them said, oddly enough, that I knit like I was a Chinese person. (Don't ask me where that comes from, exactly.) I'm impressed I did that since they seemed kinda intimidating.

Anyway, I'm sure I will do more shopping, but spend less, tomorrow. Hell, what else more is left to buy after I've cleaned out half of town?

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