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2019-07-16, 10:47 p.m.

Quote from work today from Hannah: “I get tired of myself all the time.” The rest of us said, “Me too.”

I am trying to come up with a story for tomorrow’s class that is under five minutes and has a climax and moral AND I HAVE FUCKING NOTHING. NOTHING NOTHING NOTHING AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH and that is all I have to say about that. I guess I could workshop an old story, but I don’t want to do that and waste the class, and AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH. My plan was to workshop a short story before this weekend and then do it at Sierra, but that is fucked and foiled now.

What I do want to talk about is the very enjoyable mini-saga of my therapist and her crush on a guy she met on a plane. Yes, her husband knows about this. She has continued to chat with the crush dude, albeit mostly when she is patronizing his business and so far he will only talk about the business. In new news, (a) he used to work in the same field as her, (b) she is ah, coincidentally visiting his town this weekend (“I wouldn’t be doing it if I didn’t have a friend there”) and invited him to meet up and he said yes, and (c) he also invited her to a seminar on work stuff. I think she said he was putting it on. No, her husband is not going. No, she doesn’t plan on making any moves on him. He invited her to stay at his house and she said no.

What this really boils down to is that this dude whammied the hell out of her like she has never been whammied before to the point where she feels like them meeting was meant to be somehow, even if they aren’t together in this life. If they’d met decades ago when she was waiting around, her life would be very different. However, dude triggered her in all sorts of ways and in their plane conversation, made her think of things in new ways that she hadn’t been able to do for herself no matter how hard she tried. She’s trying to figure out what role they are to have in each other’s lives, what with the long distance (he’s a few states over). She’s grateful that he altered her life for the better. She says she’s not flirting and just wants to be friends.

She does love her husband, it’s been 14 mostly good years except the year when she had a lot of relatives die, but was it good enough? Was it a settle for? I don’t quite think so but she is under the whammy right now so I’m sure things look different under those circumstances. Good luck with this, is all I can say. Who knows.

Reason why I’m being told all this info (she works with examples when dealing with me, so I may hear more of her personal life than others do): she’s taking the risk of doing something that might hurt her. If we don’t take risks, we question ourselves like crazy (well, I don’t think I do that but I get that others do....). Also, “Jen, this is life, get used to it,” and “all you do is say no,” you have been doing that. Take care of you, don’t worry about hurting other people.” Stop spinning your wheels and wasting energy. She also said I am learning how to become more intimate and am not running away. So there’s that...

Rehearsal: went through acts 1-3 and people complained that was long. Well, we are gonna have to do the whole thing in one night soonish...

Cody, raiding the candy again: “Anyone else want to be an Airhead?”
Me: “I’m already an airhead.” (I get candy)
Cameron: “No thank you, I have too many lines.”

“If anything is a “mystery flavor,” it’s banana. Every time.” -Cameron

Cody and Scott rehearsing their mini-fight in the first scene:
“And also, he can’t do that because no way I wouldn’t punch you.” -Cody
“What, boy?” -Scott in Shakespearean “Come again?” -Cody

“It’s the Airing of Grievances.” -Cameron and I, agreed on this scene
We also said that Jaques (note: the one that's the middle brother of Oliver and Orlando, only shows up at the very end at random in the show officially, in this one we’re just having Laurel/Le Beau say his lines) was the smartest of the brothers because he was in school and not in this show.

“Now it’s starting to remind me of watching Dallas.” -me
“Smaller hair. Less shoulder pads.” -Cameron
Or the Exorcist...I didn’t write down all that snark, but hey, we could use Martext for that...

“Candy candy candy candy candy!” -Cody as he returns

Phil was wearing a “Mercutio Drew First” shirt.

“Shakespeare, Shakespeare, Shakespeare, Shakespeare...then balls.” -Cameron

“Stay safe, script. Farewell.” -Elizabeth as she prepares to go off book.

Scott did a Deadpool evil laugh and I was all, “The Deadpool is very much appreciated.” “Subtle, but works,” he said back.

(As Laurel runs over to join the scene, wearing orange shoes)
“Take your time, strut your stuff.” -Cody
“Let us adjust to the color of your shoes.” -Scott

Once again: hey, can we have some guys join the entourage in this scene?
“We need some manly men in tights.” -me
“Those tights are too tight, it looks like.” -Scott
“Oh, hm, supposed to be here anyways.” -Cody, who enters in hammily.

At which point I was all, “I should take some photos in rehearsal” and got some funny shots, mostly either Cody or Phil doing ridiculousness. Cody started posing for the camera after awhile. I also found it hilarious that in the “hey, will someone come pick this guy up?” scene, that somehow we only had Josh (a kid with 1.5 arms, I think he’s playing a page?) and Jim/Touchstone standing around. Poor Josh was the only one trying to drag him off the stage.
“You can’t drag him in the dirt. You have to help him up.” -Laure
“What’s the fun in that?” -Brian

At this point I decided to send a photo of this to the karaoke group text. I also sent a photo of Cameron in pants because it traumatizes Valentin (who wasn’t there that night).

Shelly wasn’t there, so we never did find out if we’re ah, sticking with “Always Look On The Bright Side of Life” or not. Cody played her part, and Phebe, and basically just all the parts he could, with Scott subbing in the others (Duke Senior and Oliver Martext). I really enjoyed his Martext, as he was walking around swigging from a water bottle and staggering. I still don’t think we have an actual person set to do this part yet officially but so far he did the best of the lot. Which I suppose is impressive coming from someone who doesn’t drink, but then again, even I can fake drunk pretty well when not actually being drunk. Seems easy :p

Le Beau wants to get to know Orlando better...hubba hubba: “I’ll have to prepare for that. That will happen.” -Cody readies himself for a flirt assault.

“Germaine was right, I am a bitch.” -Liz on her part (the evil duke-now-duchess).
(Cody skips in at this moment:) “And then for counterpoint....” -Cameron

“Nobody really needs Act 3....” -me as people grumble about how rehearsal is going to run late.

Me and Cameron on Isadora: “Remember, that’s the girl that scares Touchstone.” “Oh yeah, Izzy will cut a bitch.”

She and I ship Jaques and Touchstone. The theater company has a black and white jester hat (hence why Jim will bring his own, with color) and we decided Jaques should have the black and white one.

“I’m their humble puppet. They can do with me what they want. If they want a chicken suit, I’ll wear a chicken suit.” -Cameron

Jaques does the slowest, laziest slow clap ever.

“It’s like a gangster duck lady.” -Cameron on the made up word “ducdame.”

At some point someone decided that the tree trunk prop is a mini Ent.

“Did you hear the robots?” -Cody

Cameron, while watching Orlando and Duke Senior: “And btw, your daughter is hot.”

“People randomly fall asleep under trees all the time. You’ve been to college.” ---me

“ --Cabbage Patch Kid.” -Jeff (I have no idea on previous context)
“I thought I was more of a Garbage Pail Kid.” -Cody, wearing a shirt with Pigpen on it that says “Conserve Water.”

Scott translates some of Cameron’s lines about Orlando having the marks of love: “his marks, also (can’t read my handwriting on this word) as I have an excuse to stare at (Cody’s) ass.”

At one point Laurel and Jim and I are talking about wardrobe and Laurel asks Jim (note: the other “rainbow fucker” in the group per Redhead Sarah) if it took him awhile to settle into his look. I forget what his answer was (he’s always done it....I think...?) but I said that I didn’t start dressing like this until about senior year of college when I finally felt comfortable and safe enough here to do so, because growing up I felt like I needed to blend in for my own safety and I wasn’t so good at that anyway. And then I remembered “oh yeah, not everyone here is safe and cool any more” and kind of had to backtrack that statement, and while I didn’t explain all the dramaz, I just said that there were a few assholes at work. Laurel suggested that they all get together, get a motorcycle and go over to my work as a motorcycle gang to deal with them. She’s so sweet.

“I am Mr. May in the Pretty Youth Pinup.” -Cameron

“She talks SO MUCH! No wonder Sarah said she couldn’t do it tonight!” -Cody after playing Phebe.
“Put a dress on you.” -Laure to Cody.

Laure thinks the play is going very well. Those in town this weekend (not I) will be doing scenery this weekend, except for Laure because she can’t touch wood and splinters find her? Uh......?


I continue to kind of wonder how certain regular folks that I haven’t even talked to much are somehow fond of me just from karaoke? Just wondering.... like Doris (don’t think I’ve mentioned her before) hugged me on the way out and said I was her girl. Honestly, I think it’s the outfits? Like we have compatible fashion?

Most of the regulars were out tonight or left early before those of us in rehearsal got there, so no news on those dramas. Me, Robert, Janene, Sarah, Brian, Scott were there. Brian finally got up and sang some Flight of the Conchords, which amused us all. I shall bug him to be his karaoke doppelganger and do “Fuck Her Gently” sometime. We discovered that Sarah was mixing up who Brian and Valentin were, so we had to clarify (“Brian wears a hat, Valentin has the long blonde hair tail”). Scott’s clarification on Valentin: “He and her” (touching me) “are members of the Giggle Club.”

Janene rocked Tracy Chapman’s “Give Me One Reason.” I’m blanking out on Robert’s solo number right now ... oh wait, he did the Goonies song, whatever that is called. He and Scott did “Under Pressure” again and then Scott did “Fat Bottomed Girls” and was all, “I have the temerity to sing Freddie Mercury back to back. What is wrong with me?” (Nothing if you can pull it off, which he can, y’all.) He also did “Dreaming With A Broken Heart” earlier. I forget what Sarah was doing when I walked in because I was distracted, but she did “Moondance” by Van Morrison later and I got up and danced and Scott did air bass to it.

I actually found my latest song obsession from the weekend IN the karaoke catalog, signed up to do it and told people I was doing it, and then Pyrate Matthew said the file was corrupted. He tried to download a new one, but it hadn’t finished downloading by the end of the night. Grrr, argh, grumble. So I ended up doing “Safe and Sound” by Capital Cities and then at Robert’s request, “Lovefool.”

I asked Sarah about the guy from a few weeks ago and she said he told her he wasn’t interested. Sigh. So she is instead painting her piano to look like a peacock and then add “subtle vaginas.” I want photos of this.

Afterwards, I hung out with Scott again, though he wanted to go to bed after most of an hour this time. (Yeah, so much for me doing that because I am all hyper/not tired after karaoke nights even if I go home “early” apparently.) Oh, and apparently HE now has a card to hang out to people, as he passed his out to Pyrate Matthew and I was all “wait what now you have a card?” about it, so I got one too. We briefly hung out with the Pyrate while he was packing his stuff up and got into movies like John Wick and the whopping car crash Pyrate was in at some point, which is why he wears an eye patch (his skull got caved in some so one eye is now wonky).

Conversational topics included (a) concerts and whether or not they have gratuitous explosions, (b) quoting from Robin Williams’s “A Night At The Met” on both our parts, (c) Oscar winners, specifically Marisa Tomei, My Cousin Vinny (and attempting to quote lines about positraction that neither of us recalls exactly, probably because technical car stuff and neither of us is a mechanic) and how now she’s a hot aunt, (d) boy bands and why this is a thing and now there’s 40 year old boy bands, (e) his grandma moving into a home and him getting/getting rid of various stuff, (f) being in Peter Pan when he was a kid and his cousin’s odds of getting the role of Peter, (g) me mentioning silent disco turning into Bohemian Rhapsody karaoke and how he did that song in choir in high school and his best friend’s band...

Sometimes when I’m having conversations with people, I try to remember these things afterwards and it’s like conversational archaeology or something. Like “how did we get onto the topic of castrati?” because that happened. I still can’t really explain most of that. :p

I was hoping something would go down that would give me a story to workshop tomorrow, but not really, darn it!

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