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27 More Years

2016-07-20, 6:43 a.m.

So yesterday my shrink was all, "so do you have any plans after retirement? How many more years do you have?"

Uh, 27.

I don't realistically expect to "retire," though. I shop too much, my salary isn't going to go up, and I need to have to leave the house on a regular basis.

She was all, "you could move elsewhere" and I was, with what money? And...I can't even plan past about 3 months in advance, I sure as heck can't picture moving out of town. We know that doesn't seem to fly with me.

It does suck to think that I have more years ahead of me in this line of work than I've already done, though, especially when at this point I am pretty sick of my field.

But..I'm not exactly finding a realistic, practical exit point either, so.

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