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It's A Fizzle, Part 2

2011-07-21, 9:37 a.m.

New behavior from the Internet Boyfriend:
(a) He has either deleted his Skype account or blocked Mom off of it somehow. Though they are still calling each other-- what the hell?
(b) He will be moving into his ex-wife's house.
(c) He told Mom she can't call him at his ex-wife's. Um, what?!?!

So, yeah. I think this is circling the drain. Mom is debating getting up the nerve to "ask him if we have a future." I think she might as well bite the bullet and break up with him herself, but she won't do that. (Or for that matter, stop talking to him.) On the other hand, I'm not sure if he'll bite the bullet either, but he is sure backing away real fast. I'm sure she probably did come on too strong and too fast, since that's what we do, but I think he's got Issues beyond that. Like, hoo boy.

I told her that if he asks to be friends, to tell him NO because (a) she's going to have to cut him off entirely in order to get over him, and she should delete his contact information to make sure she can't, and (b) "friends" is frequently guy-speak for "I don't ever plan on talking to you again, I just don't want to feel guilty." (Who knows what this guy would mean, but I felt that I should mention the possibility.) She then told me her heart was LITERALLY hurting when I said that. Then I felt like a shit. But it's still true.


Also, isn't it lovely to know that some folks don't grow out of this shit in their sixties?!

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