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Relieved To Be Single This Week

2007-07-25, 9:43 a.m.

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Things are not going well for my married friends of late. I mean, to the point where I'm debating checking in with my writing group friends (though last I saw of them on Wednesday, they all seemed to be just fine) to see if something's blown up on them yet.

One friend of mine is having difficulties with her husband that make me nervous. Not in an abusive way as far as I know, but he seems to be on some kind of "woman, wait on me whenever I want you!" kind of mood in the last few months, and she's been pretty upset. She's not working right now (taking a few months off) and it doesn't sound like that's helping much either. Though the last time I saw her (yesterday) she seemed to be feeling better.

And then this week...Jess's husband wants a divorce. I am feeling gobsmacked and I'm not even her. She's moving to Oklahoma, where her first ex-husband is putting her and the kids up.


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