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Slightly Drunken Hopeful Entry

2013-08-04, 10:19 p.m.


Okay, I am not quite as tanked right now as I was, but I went to knitting group this afternoon, which was followed up by "Hey, wanna go get wine?" so I went DRINKIN' WITH MY YARNIEZ. Yes, after a three inch tall glass of white whine, about 3/4 into the glass, it kicked in in my head. Hoo boy. This is what happens when I last ate four hours ago, EASY DRUNK. It just kicks in in my head and it gets kind of swimmy.

This was followed up by my needing to get a few things at the co-op--y'know, bread, chips, Drano, whatevs-- but it was an....interesting....experience kind of feeling like I was staggering around. Even though I probably wasn't visibly obviously drunk while doing that, and I could still figure out how to grab bread off the shelves and crap like that and find the money without being a total moron. Not to mention staggering my drunk ass home.

It was kind of fun to be drunken grocery shopping, really. Alas, it's worn off a tad since I got home and started doing the dishes and making lunches for next week, so this entry isn't QUITE as wackadoo as I thought it was going to be. Oh, whatever.

Though at one point, one of the yarn folks was talking about World War Z and referred to how they did the zombies as "elegant." (Honestly, I forget if she was referring to book or movie, as she liked both.) Another one was all, "I like how you call them eloquent zombies, that's not normally what I would think of as elegant, but you're a scientist...." And here I was, being all, "Hey! Elegant Zombies is A GOOD NAME FOR A ROCK BAND!!!!" Which it totally is, and was agreed.

It was an interesting day today. Before the DRINKIN' WITH MY YARNIEZ experience, I got together with my friend Melinda. I took her to the library book sale, where we of course stocked up--and to be fair, I dumped two bags of books into the donation pile before I refilled one bag. Melinda had fun picking up children's books FOR HER NEW JOB, because she finally got hired for a teaching position!!!!! I am so thrilled for her after the last year of job searching.

For my last NaNoWriMo project, I attempted to write the story of how I learned to drive as a monologue. Which then morphed into a 50k novel because I am naturally long winded. It's pretty hilarious how that draft goes from me talking about stage directions to....god knows what. Anyway, I have been undecided if it was even worth trying to salvage as anything at all, and eventually passed it on to Melinda to take a look at. She used to work in theater, so she seemed like a good person to judge that. So after getting the job offer (yesterday, apparently!), she was finally in the mood to do something other than slave over resumes and cover letters and started in on my piece. (To be fair, she also told me I should take up watching zefrank around that same time, and I started doing that...this morning before we got together.)

She went over a little bit of it with me in person and said, "Yes, this is worth salvaging." And she said she was willing to go over it with me and to try to work it into a monologue, or a longer piece, whichever. And that she knew enough to find me places to perform such things, when the time came that they were ready to work on.

She said a quote that I need to remember: "Your passion is here, you just don't know how to release it." OH YES.

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