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2007-08-06, 9:40 a.m.

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According to my shrink, everybody she sees or knows that's married is having massive difficulties these days. This is certainly true, and it is ugly.

Oddly enough, Jess is doing about as well as can be expected with regards to getting divorced. It's pretty much a "life got in the way" situation, where they're both fed up and burned out, and are getting along much better since agreeing to end it.

Jess has actually been cheerful at times, saying that she's been putting stuff on hold for years and just ignoring life by going on the computer, and now she doesn't have to any more. She and Mike have always had this "well, we got married and had kids, now we have nothing to look forward to other than death" thing going on, and she is apparently now over it! Go figure.

So...maybe things there aren't so bad.

Adding to the impending divorce tallies for July and August are my cousin Ron and his wife Laurie.

Now, I always thought this one was a mistake from the getgo. They broke up and made up a bunch of times, already called off one wedding date before actually going through with it, etc. But what it really boils down to is...Ron is a jerk. He's always been one to me- not in a "hates me personally" kind of way, but more of an "I hate all women who aren't my mother" kind of way. You see the problem there. (I do not know how he manages to attract nice women. I'd hope he acts nicer without relatives around, but with him I wouldn't 100% count on it.) I am flabbergasted that the marriage lasted 9 years.

That said, here's how lovely Ron is: they went to see their accountant and Ron announced to him in front of Laurie that they were probably going to get a divorce. That was the first time Laurie had EVER heard about this.

Later, he wrote her an 8-page letter. I'm not sure if he ever used the D-word in this. I have the impression that it was mostly bitching about how her daughter Amanda doesn't respect him (keep in mind that in my family, respect always means "obey blindly"), and thus he is going to cut her off, take her off the insurance, etc. Amanda is 16. Oh, and Laurie better get a mediator for splitting up the house and stuff.

Did I mention Laurie's a SAHM?

Argggggggggghhhhhhh. Lord knows she'd be better off without him (he's also taken up buying lots of cars, racking up debt, not paying bills, AND not giving Laurie any money) and he's an ass, but financial screwing gives me the wiggins. Plus when there's kids involved it gets even uglier. I gather Ron's telling Connor that it's all Mommy's fault they're splitting up.

I bet my aunt and uncle are jumping for joy.

Now we'll really have to sneak around to see Laurie. This will be fun, considering we're all going to a play next weekend and Scottish Games in a few weeks.

In other news, I have been hanging out with coven folks (well, the ones in town) a lot of late, mainly because several people in the group including the HP are going to Europe for awhile. Me and one other person are attempting to fill in for the fall quarter, so we've been having "half-assed high priestess" meetings to discuss what to do, in between socializing. The socializing has been fun and interesting.

So naturally Mom decides to get back into churchifying and seeing the Christian counselor again around this time. Which means that she starts insisting that I worship Satan again.

I hate menopause brain. She keeps saying, "Explain it to me!" and then remembers nothing that came out of my mouth and it all boils down to OMG SATAN again.

As you can imagine, things are not pleasant. To the point where I am seriously reconsidering this whole "let's be honest with her" policy. And told her so. And then she was all, "Wah, you're going to LIE to me?" and I was all, "Well, if you're just going to always jump to OMG SATAN no matter what I say, how's about I just don't say anything?"

I asked her NOT to tell the Christian counselor about it, but she then pouted that I tell my shrink bad things about her. (Me: "If you were seeing a regular shrink the way you really should, feel free to tell that person anything horrible about me that you want. It's the religious aspect that I am not cool with.") Of course, she told him anyway, but luckily he didn't say much on that other than he'd pray for me to see the light. Fine, whatever.

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