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2004-08-14, 10:03 a.m.

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Last night's rock-climbing party was interesting.

Jess picked me up from work to go over, and she told me on the way over that there had been a guy in her gaming group that she had wanted me to meet- or at least he sounded like my type- but he was being flaky and was begging out of the party with a "sprained ankle" and she was annoyed at the flakiness and had decided she'd rather we not meet anyway, because she suspected I'd get "that expression on your face." What expression? "The one where you're all 'Oh, great, another crazy one has found me.'" Well, can't deny that. Lord knows I don't need to invite another flake into my life. So, phew. And thankfully, everyone else over 12 at the party was taken, so no worries.

I was kind of nervous about the kid aspect of this (I was somehow expecting mobs), but there weren't that many- Jess's kids and two really cute little girls that I couldn't help but like. One of them, Beth, had stunningly long blonde hair, big blue eyes, and a pink Supergirl T-shirt. Julian, one of the birthday boys, was wearing a Spider-Man shirt, and she started telling him that she as Supergirl could teach him how to fly, and he could teach her how to shoot webs. So. Cute. Gotta love a superhero-in-training.

The other girl, Clara, was seven going on 35, which was fun. After the climbing was done, we went out for pizza. Julian was obsessively playing with GI Joes at the table, and William (brother) was messing around with clay, and Clara had that "I am SO BORED and these boys keep playing with boy toys fighting each other and I DON'T GET IT" look on her face. Boy, did I relate. (Hell, part of why I'd never want to raise a boychild- I hate the whole "all I do with my toys is fight" stage.)

Jess seemed pretty overwhelmed, though- she was telling me, "You know, I think you're old enough that they'd let you get your tubes tied..." (Not true, but don't I wish.) William goes to school in Monterey and lives with grandparents, and is about to go back on Sunday, and I think the rest of them can't wait for him to return. Hell, Mike said that to his face- "you two are like cats. When one's alone, it sleeps. When there are two, they fight." Sure enough, they spent about a fourth of the climbing time in timeout.

After dinner, I went back to their house for awhile and goofed off. At some point William came out behind me. I couldn't see him, but apparently he was...itching his ass enough to reach China or something. This was defined as "he's flirting with you, Jennifer." Well, I suppose that would explain why he made a clay girl with big knockers at some point...but as a method of flirting, ewwwww.

I did like one remark that came up last night, when we were discussing craziness. Jess said that I was probably the most normal person she knew, it was just that I was surrounded by tons of crazies and I needed someone to charge the moat and rescue me. Hah. The idea of me being the normal one and everyone else being bonkers...what a thought.

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