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You Take Your Angels Where You Can Find Them

2013-08-19, 8:21 p.m.

So yeah, I'm worried about that tire that keeps deflating. I have my DMV appointment (near the mechanic) Thursday afternoon, so theoretically I could just pop over there after the appointment. But also, it could just be that there's no longer a cap on the tire valve, right?

After work, I drove to the nearest SpeeDee to see if I could get a cap for the tire valve (according to the local wiki, they are good for this). I went in, mangled what I was asking for, but the dude gave me one for free. Either he was being nice or they're really cheap, I dunno, but thanks!

Then I went to the tire fillup place, where there was an old, possibly homeless dude hanging out with his iPod. He started paying attention when I drove up. I got out and he was all, do you need some help. Oh hell yes, you take your angels where you can get them. So he filled up the tire for me, saying that he used to repair tires. He told me that he could still hear the valve leaking a bit despite the new cap, and between that and it being rather hard to get air into the tire (that wasn't just me?) And maybe I should have somebody tighten that.

The dude asked me for $2 worth of quarters, which I (loudly, I'll bet) had on me because I was getting quarters for air and laundry. Worth the money.

So the tire is relatively fine...for now...I'm assuming enough to drive to Sac on Wednesday night, at least. But I should probably make a stop at the mechanic's anyway.

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