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Time Travelers Bazaar

2018-08-25, 7:13 p.m.

I went to the Time Travelers Bazaar today. They have made a big ol' leap this year from previous years. The last few years I've been it was being held in a large storage room behind a game store. This year they rented out the freaking Scottish Rite center and had an opening room, a room for workshops, a "guild" room, a gaming room, the sales floor/stage area and an art gallery/lecture area. I was pretty impressed. Though I admit, it'll be more impressive in another year or two when they get in more people and activities, which I am thinking they will. Right now it's a little small to fill the space.

I went in a light up skirt, the space cats bustle I got at the pirate festival, and a shirt that says "Nerd Princess." I was not going Full Steampunk in August even though most people did (Time Travelers is for all time travel and had some Trek, Star Wars droids, lightsaber battles, three Doctors (two 10's and a 13), a bit of Renaissance fairy, Waldo, etc.), maybe next year. My outfit was quite appreciated anyway :)

I do admit I did get kind of bored-ish. I wasn't that into the lecture topics but maybe next year, mostly I was up for the cameo making class and that wasn't until 1:30. I also didn't end up buying anything, which is strange and sad for me. I saw a lot of work I liked and admired the work of and had fun talking to vendors, but didn't feel compelled to buy anything specific (I try not to just buy anything because I like their work in general any more) and I felt bad about that because I don't think much (if any) sales were going on. The chick that taught the cameo class said she hadn't sold anything but didn't really expect to here and was mostly doing this to plug her con in Nevada. (I'd go if it was warm weather but I'm not going that far alone...oh well). However, I am going on vacation soon and I might as well save the cash for that.

I ran into a former CC manager and her mom there. I'm not sure where the manager went off to after awhile, but I hung out with her mom at lunch and during the cameo workshop--she does the craft programming at Clockwork Alchemy in Burlingame and I think I need to head down there next year because that sounds fun. She had an amazing corset with a huge front pocket that she put her kumohimo in for when she was bored. MY KIND OF LADY. I hope I run into her again sometime.

I also enjoyed the cameo workshop, which was fun to do even though the teacher was annoyed they would not let her use her torches/heat gun equipment to speed up the resin. I did a cameo of a Victorian lady...skeleton...which I painted on with acrylic because it had a few random specks in it. I'm fine with it, though it's not the fanciest work. I enjoyed the workshop very much.

There's also a (normally Renaissance fair) storyteller in this area that I met the wife of once, and I ended up telling him the story of how we had to play "Two Truths and a Lie" at a work event once and she knew my lie because she knows all the people who work at those fairs. He said he'd heard that story from her too! He also said she doesn't work here any more and I said "good for her for getting out." From what I recall she worked in some kind of financial field, so probably anything would be an improvement.

Overall I had a good time, and then I went home and saw "Crazy Rich Asians" again.

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