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This is How Therapy Goes Lately

2018-08-29, 6:23 p.m.

So my therapist has semi argued over the years that I might be autistic and this is why I tick so many people off. I disagree with this--I can make eye contact, etc.-- and say nah, it's probably just ADHD.*

* However, I refuse to get officially diagnosed by a medical official with anything psychiatric because if I do, the only treatment is medication, medication, medication, and I'm just gonna gag and barf up the damn pills thanks to the gag reflex from hell. Well, that and fear of never being able to get health insurance again once Obamacare is killed by the Evil Empire.

So I saw some autism quiz online the other day and took it. Hah, I am not autistic. I sent the results to my shrink. Then SHE took the quiz and....came out autistic. Or at least scored a few points higher up enough to be on the scale.

After some Internet lulz about this, I then took some ADHD test and came out moderately ADHD and sent that on to her. She got a higher ADHD score than I did.

No wonder we get along so well, I said, laughing.

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