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How To Cure Sudden Illness

2003-08-28, 7:59 p.m.

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Well, finally met Heather last night, and it went great. We yakked for hours :) We apparently have many of the same pet peeves, such as people who are nitpicky/demanding, or snippily written notes left around the house. (Phew.) I think this is gonna be fun. Even cooler, it turns out we're both into Wiccan-type stuff. She was relieved that I was, as she was worried about ending up with some Christian roommate. Not to worry...and I can drag my books out from under the bed!

Anyway, she works afternoons/nights, so she'll probably start moving stuff in late at night in the next few days. Fine by me.

In other news, things are going pretty well, except on my quilting, which is going slowly (gah), but what are you gonna do. I'm trying at least.

I was kinda doofy today- I started feeling kinda queasy right after finishing eating my lunch today, and started to freak out about The trash cans here are SMALL and taken out rarely, and the nearest bathrooms are two flights of stairs away. And the office, which I was eating in, was locked up during lunch. Uh, kind of a problem. So I figured I should go home, where at least I was close to a restroom.

Wouldn't you know it that like, the second I get home, I feel totally fine again? For crying out loud! It was like middle school, where I used to "go home sick" every time I had a headache in the middle of the day, only to have the headache magically go away once I was home. Sheesh. I wondered if I should go back, but that would probably look suspect.

So I ended up spending the rest of the afternoon uh, downloading Star Trek band music. I am a dork, oh yes, I am.

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