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2006-09-06, 3:16 p.m.

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Well, I guess you have to have one kinda bad day out of the bunch.

Most of Monday was actually fine. I got to hit a fabric store for supplies while things were on sale. Mom didn't insist on dragging me into the hospital after yesterday's fun, which shocked me. And Mauricio came along on the way back home to unload Grandma's furniture.

I can't remember if I've said much about this here or not, but Mom has been bugging me for months to unload Grandma's dresser and desk and a sewing table at my place nownownow so she can get them out of the van. And I kept saying, "I can't fit it in until Ian moves out."

Ian knew this stuff, btw. I'd told him that I didn't care if he took a few days to move out because I wasn't going to be around anyway, but Mom was going to insist that the furniture be moved in on Monday, period.

So, imagine the reactions when I come home and there's still plenty of stuff strewn about and the room is in no shape to put furniture in it. Naturally, this set the two of them off to bitch me out for the next two hours about my apartment and how I don't stand up for myself, blah blah blah. Meanwhile, they started throwing his stuff from the kitchen into the room and moved all of the furniture into the kitchen.

After two hours of this, I was feeling shittastic. And the icing on the cake was when I went to boot up my laptop and...the screen went out. Just what I needed, eh?

(It is apparently broken enough that I had to go to a repair shop at lunch today and drop it off. I am already frightened at how bad the bill is going to be just by seeing how much they charge just to see what's broken on the thing. I miss my baby already.)

Happily, things (that weren't laptop-related) improved in an hour when Ian came over. Turns out he got forced to go to a horrible family reunion for the last few days, which is why he never got back over here in time. He apologized and brought me two jewelry racks and a joke roommate soap gift. Always the way to go, guys- bribery :) Anyway, he'll move stuff out later AND help me move the furniture in, which is good.

Though instead of moving stuff out, we ended up chatting for hours instead. Kind of funny that that's what we did when he moved in and when he moved out. It was a pretty interesting conversation, about local friends (slim pickins once you're over 22, hence why most people we know are at the CC), dating (neither of us likes dating away from our age, both of us aren't into anyone, both of us figure if we date again it'll probably be a CC person, but his odds are better than mine), age differences (I don't look or act my age, duh), apartment stuff (he liked living with me, but wants a bigger kitchen, one of the new roommates has a lot of pot parties already, um...), local stuff, etc. Shame we don't end up doing that more often, I suppose. But on the other hand, heck, I know I'm already seeing him around like 3 more times this week, so he at least isn't disappearing.

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