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A Rare Weekend At Home

2005-09-11, 12:33 p.m.

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Ack, it's September 11. Just noticed that.

Anyway... some brief but not terribly interesting updating:

(a) Had the Craft Center pool party on Friday night.

But here's the thing: for some INSANE FUCKING REASON, the weather was COLD on this night. I'm talking in the sixties with eXtreme wind going on. Almost everyone there was wearing sweats (with their hoodies actually being used!) and shivering. The lifeguard was out there dressed for the Arctic tundra and we couldn't help but figure she'd kill anyone who actually needed rescuing.

Ironically, the pool was heated to a toasty 80 degrees, and those of us that went in (4 of us, including one girl who jumped in in her clothes and won our eternal admiration for that) were warmer than everyone else at the party. At least, while we were IN the water.

What happened once we got out of the water...well, we shall not speak of that.

Though I ended up making this pesto bread recipe and got the eternal admiration of a fair chunk of the people there. Especially since I'd wrapped the warm bread in tinfoil and it was still warm.

(b) Mom came up with Mauricio again to drop off more furniture- this time the birdcage chair she bought ages ago and couldn't deliver up here until Heather's kitty crap was out of the living room. This chair is AWESOME. I really should get a picture of it sometime. And somehow despite them only planning on dropping off some lawncare supplies so I could muck out the patios, they ended up doing some of the mucking out. Which was good since as it turned out, I couldn't pick up some of that crap myself out there.

There was some drama. Mom insisted on buying tickets for two to some play about John Denver going on today and then couldn't get anyone to go with her. Aunt Susie, as usual, was too busy. She asked Mauricio, then it turned out he had some other thing to go to. And frankly... I can't bloody stand John Denver, never could, and she already dragged me to two concerts of his back when he was still alive.

Eventually she decided to suck it up and go by herself- "I guess I should get used to that." I can't help but be grateful, since the one performer she loves that I could not fake liking (or at least be neutral about) was that one. She also apologized to me for making me feel guilty about various things all the time. Amazing.

The nice thing about this show is that it's an afternoon matinee, so... it ruled out me being able to come up and visit Dad yet again on a Sunday. A whole weekend to myself, my GOD! When does that happen?!

(c) Course, it would have been nice if Heather had ahem, let me know one way or the other if she was going clubbing last night instead of flaking out...but that's par for the course. *sigh* I don't really care that much, but it would have been nice to go clubbing the one weekend where I wasn't going to have to get up early to haul ass out of town.

(d) So instead of guilt-visiting, I went to my Saturday dance class that I haven't gotten to go to in a coon's age, and I actually did backyard cleaning. I scrubbed all of the (very, very dirty) lawn furniture and am about to chuck out all of Heather's never-used birdcage and other pet stuff, since I really don't think she's gonna use them. Sometime after I finish this entry I'm going to do cleaning round #2 on the lawn furniture, and stick some stuff out on the street with another "Free" sign. Go me.

(e) I bought plane tickets to LA.

That took some doing, to be honest. Especially since I checked my finances and realized that after every damned bill and rent check clears (and practically nothing has so far)...well, OUCH. That's AFTER I already pretty much cleared out one of my savings accounts. I guess I'll have to hit the other one soon too. *sigh*

(f) After some searching for roommates on Craigslist that didn't work out, I signed up on again. Course, I don't know how much searching I can get done while out of town, in a way.

I know damned well I should not be going on this vacation, but if I don't go now, when will I ever get to go? I probably won't at all- by spring break, something worse will probably have happened with Dad, or some other disaster, and that window of opportunity will be locked up like a prison. So... there you go.

(g) At least I got through watching all of my Netflix for a change, and am now watching Mom's set of Arrested Development. I've been sick of sitcoms for years, but this is some funny shit.

(h) Updated to add that HOLY FUCK DID I GET A LOT DONE. I put up one of my bookcases again, put away most of my books onto it, put all of my clothes back into the closet (now that I can actually get into said closet), and I dumped a fuckload of stuff into boxes and put it out with "free" signage. Tons of books I didn't want any more, including some from previous ex, went out there too. I have two more boxes to empty and then I've emptied all of the flood boxes! Amazing! I can't believe I got all this shit done.

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