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2005-09-14, 4:32 p.m.

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Apartment news:

(a) My one response from (i.e. the one proactive person! yay for that) and I have settled on "yeah, you can move in, assuming the management approves."

She's Australian, so this shall make for um, interesting logistics moving in involving furniture and car being shipped in and things like that. I'm not sure how that's going to go. I guess we'll see.

But either way, I am not going to worry myself too badly about this. I have enough on my plate to deal with without stressing some more. I can take no more stress.

(b) Supposedly my apartment complex management will be working on getting the place fixed up. Or at least, getting my blocked-up sink fixed.

Dad news:

He's either got pneumonia again, or still has pneumonia. Nobody will really clarify this for me any more. Hell, the only reason I heard this was Mom forwarded me some e-mail she'd send to Aunt Susie bitching about Auntie D. and at the bottom of it was her original message, which was along the lines of "Bob has pneumonia, but I'm not going to tell Jennifer about it because then she might not go on her trip and I need her to gooooooooooo already."

I told her (a) uh, did you notice what you wrote there?, (b) and I already paid for the tickets and one of them wasn't refundable, so at this point, I'm going.

Anyway, the whole thing is a cockup:
(a) Dad needs various machines to stay alive.
(b) Machines give Dad various infections and pneumonia.
(c) Dad can't get better of said infections and pneumonia with machines attached.
(d) Can't take him off the machines or else he dies.

(e) Dad continues to do crappily with no hope of improvement.


Anyway. I am tired of talking about this shit.

So instead, I'm going to blab about television, since I was actually home to watch a TV show or two live. I'd love to do more entries reviewing new TV shows because I plan on "auditioning" the new stuff to see if any of it's worth taping, but since almost all of them start while I'm on vacation, this will just have to do.

I will be discussing Bones and House and The O.C., so if you're all "OMG SPOILER!" about those, be forewarned.

Both shows on last night were from genres I really don't have much (if any) interest in watching. I am bored to death of medical shows and really don't have any interest in the forensic/procedure/gross crap mystery shows either. So it took some doing for me to even keep sitting through the shows.

Bones: Let's face it, I'm watching this to see Snarky!Boreanaz. Which I saw some of, but not enough.


Mainly, I found myself royally annoyed by the star, one "Temperance" (and I am still wondering why someone would name their child this) Brennan, who is cold, cold, cold and humorless. She snaps at someone, "I don't know who that is" when they make a pop culture joke, she snaps any time someone calls her "Bones" (btw, the word "bones" is mentioned like every five minutes, even when they aren't looking at skeletons), she snaps any time someone brings up her dead parents, she snaps any time someone brings up psychology... she's just icy no fun bitch girl. And I'm all, is this girl worth taping to watch once a week? I think not. I am baffled that anyone else actually talks to the woman when they don't have to. And unfortunately she's the lead, so I'm stuck watching her. I'd rather watch "The Boreanaz Show." (Again.)

Also odd is that they so do the Chandra Levy story- though I do have to say that (a) the demo of her murder, and (b) the lone part where "Bones" has a feeling and talks about how she learned things about the dead girl's stubbornness from her skeleton, actually came off pretty well. But the "Oh, hey, that Senator happens to chew gum and spit it out in front of Bones" bit? Cheese dog.

I might watch it. Once more. But... in general, this woman irritated me. I can deal with bitchy if there's some kind of humor to it (see below), but this girl got nothin'.

House: This is one of those shows that everybody, but everybody, loves. And I never watched it because medical show = boring to me these days, but I figured "eh, everyone says this guy is snarky and bitter, so I should give it a try."

It was... all right, I guess? I don't know the backstories of the characters, so that probably inpeded me getting everything. I might add it to my infinitely long Netflix queue whenever I have space in it again.

Bitter's always fun, especially when watching a doctor get drunk with a patient and then go, "Surprise! You would have croaked, but I just saved your ass by getting you drunk!" Not to mention the "Hah hah, this MRI is going to hurt the fuck out of you and your prison tats!"

The "did the tumor cause him to kill people?" thing is interesting, but I think I side with House on that one- he still killed people, he's still gonna be put to death, and what about those who managed to control themselves?

As for the other plotline, the "This chick's gonna die of cancer and I don't wanna tell her because that happened to my husband" thing? Depressing and weepy. Whee.

As for whether or not I'll tape this show for watching, I dunno yet. If nothing else is on and I have the space, I suppose.

Though I must agree with this post that that fucking song is being overused too much.

The O.C.: WTF was up with "Oh, despite MARISSA being the one holding the gun, we still think RYAN did it?" How on earth does this logic work? Didn't Ryan have some strangle marks around his neck or something to prove he wasn't the one with the weapon and the ability to shoot someone in the back? Good lord. And Marissa has enough of a screwy background (shoplifting, alcohol, temper tantrums, possibly being put in a mental institution) at this point that some suspicion should reasonably fall on her anyway.

Julie Cooper = up to her usual hijinks.

Trey = disposable, as usual. Wakes up enough to act like a sheep and then go away. Fine by me. WTFever.

Oh, and whatsherface from the clinic is the next Oliver? Josh Schwartz, I love you and all, but WHY ANOTHER OLIVER? Weren't people annoyed enough the first time?

Though I do have to say the next week's previews- "let's expel Ryan AND Marissa for being shady criminals"- actually makes sense. So some points for that, at least.

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