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2006-09-17, 9:33 a.m.

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Oh man, this weekend was a blast. We have to do it again sometime- uh, when we have more money, that is.

On Friday, once I finally got into town, me and Anna met up with the rest of her knitting group (they knit in a bar, how cool is that?) at a Mobile Movie showing of the very old version of Little Shop of Horrors. Oh dear lord, is that ever corny. (For the record, no singing.) Then we went to a bar called the Hotsy Totsy. I swear I didn't make that name up. Nor am I making up the part where two Portuguese dudes who did not speak English tried to pick up on us by stealing the cue ball at the pool table and thus forcing us to play with them. (All things considered, it's still the least creepy personal trolling experience I've ever had. Maybe because I had no idea what they were saying.) Then we went home and played drunken Scrabble.

On Saturday, Anna and I went to SF and met up with another old friend, Sarah (and her mom and the foreign exchange student staying with them). She didn't go to high school with us, but come to think of it, she and Anna are probably the two people I'm not related to that I have known the longest in life. How weird is that?

I felt kinda silly once I found out that Sarah and the rest of her family have moved to this town. (I knew her brother lived here already, and I see him around from time to time, but given that I only met him once, I don't think he'd know me if I walked up and said hi or something.) But on the other hand, I think that's great, and hopefully I'll see her around sometime locally.

Anyway, we all had a great time. We went to see the Titanic exhibit at the Metreon, which was cool. At the beginning of the exhibit, they hand you a paper profile of one of the passengers on the ship, and at the end you see if you survived or not. We were all nervous about Anna, whose person was a steerage passenger. The joke we kept making was that anyone who didn't survive didn't get lunch. Happily, we all survived, even Anna! My person was Marie Grice Young, Ethel Roosevelt's music instructor and a career girl. I suppose that's a fitting match. Afterwards, we ate lunch in the cafe area. Well, most of them did- it took so long for my food to arrive Sarah's mother asked me if I was sure I'd survived the Titanic.

We also did a ton of shopping (Old Navy, H&M, Ghiradelli, Pier 39), which was fun. And a lot of hiking around town, I can tell you that. We also saw a bunch of silver men and stopped for awhile to watch the infamous Bush Man. It's really amusing considering that there's a ton of people standing behind and in front of Bush Man watching this show, not to mention the people stopped across the street to watch it, and yet some people at least don't notice that something's going on enough for him to scare them.

The funny thing was that I probably spent the least of anyone there- only buying one pair of pants, two shirts, and a pair of reversible earrings. Anna, on the other hand, bought a ton. It was awesome.

After getting back into town and decompressing a bit, we went to see The Last Kiss. It's an odd movie, not quite what you'd figure it'd be. (Not really a HEA sort of thing.)

On Sunday, we went yarn shopping. Oh lordy. The good news is, I have enough cheap yarn now for four projects, and in the right sizes too. The bad news is, still spent a lot. (And probably looked kind of silly bringing THAT BIG OF A BAG home with me.) We also did lunch and went to Victoria's Secret- I didn't get anything too exciting there though. After picking up Anna's friend at the airport and dropping him off, I went home.

It was a blast.

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