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Thoughts Upon Returning From A Trip

2011-09-18, 5:18 p.m.

You know what? There's really no good way to figure out The Packing Problem. By which I mean:
(a) You really can't know until you are on the trip what you are going to actually use or not use.
(b) You will probably forget something that's really important (though this time I skipped that one).
(c) If you overpack, you'll wish you hadn't.
(d) If you underpack, you'll realize that you really needed something you didn't pack after all.

Which is to say:
(a) I actually didn't pack too many clothes (for me), though I guess I shouldn't have bothered with the swimsuits because I never got around to that, but once you buy a few items of clothing...
(b) I brought something like 8-9 books (plus iPod touch books) and actually read about one of them on the plane over there, because I was borrowing my friend's books while there.
(c) But somehow I think if I'd NOT brought tons of books, somehow life probably would have conspired that I would have wished I had brought more books.
(d) I always suspect this when it comes to packing, too. Like the one time I don't pack 1 outfit per day, that'll be the one time I somehow inexplicably don't buy any items of clothing on a trip.

But I have found that:
(a) packing a small spare bag in your suitcase so that you have 2 bags on the return trip makes packing your souvenirs a lot easier. Even if you didn't buy THAT many large items compared to the usual, comparatively speaking. I didn't buy any yarn, mostly just giant amounts of beads and like 6-7 books and about 3 shirts and a skirt and some fairy wings for Halloween and two bullet-ridden, yeah.

(a) Why am I so fucking tired after traveling for around 4-ish hours overall? 2 hours in the air, airporter trip home, bumming around the airport, and now I kind of want to pass out at 7 p.m.?

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