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This Year's Renaissance Faire

2016-09-18, 4:58 p.m.

So I did go to the Renaissance Faire this year with Dawn--we went on the discount opening weekend, but since I had to perform the night before I could only go on Sunday. That kinda sucks for "I got home at 10:30 on a Sunday night-ness," but you do have less people there on Sundays, so crowding was not so much an issue.

We had a good time. I bought another waist belt in a color I need, so yay for that. We went to shows, including my favorite dude, Broon, who continued his amazing snark.

I also got to see a one man Romeo and Juliet show put on by Shelby, which was great and done very well. A few weeks ago I saw "Shakespeare vs. Space Wars," which was a show in which they literally skipped back and forth between putting on (about 50% literally?) Romeo and Juliet and putting on Star, Space Wars. Because the two just don't mash up at all, really. Between that and R&J being put on in town now (though I'm probably not going to end up seeing it), that is Going Around this season.

There was a new/old guy there this year, I gather he used to go before and hasn't gone in like, four years (i.e. since I started being able to dive there and go). He is apparently a friend of Broon's. Broon does a more "adult" show as the last show of the day every day, and this year he was joined by this fellow, Moonie.

I caught Moonie's solo show first and it was...weird. I don't get this guy. He spends the first eleven minutes of the show glaring at the audience, occasionally snarling and grumbling stuff along the lines of, "If you don't shape up, this is what you get for a show." Huh? Then when he finally starts doing some show stuff (juggling fire on a tightrope, which was cool), he refuses to talk (even though we know he can talk while performing, thanks to the snarling) and just goes around making beep-beep-boop-type sounds. Why? I don't know, but it was weird. I think that was Dawn's favorite, but it wasn't mine.

I did enjoy the Broon-and-Moonie show, though. Not just because they had two sign language interpreters there, including my favorite, Stephanie who dresses up as a cow, or just because Broon (who eats fire) was teaching Moonie how to eat fire. I loved how Broon was all, "Seriously, why do you glare at the audience for the first eleven minutes?" and "I wrote a joke for your show, it goes "beep beep boop random noises" and "Why do you wear a onesie as your costume and then put a vest and shorts over it? You could just cut it in half and nobody would notice." Broon is the best.

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