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The Rainy Day Women

2005-09-22, 9:38 a.m.

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Doesn't it figure that it'd rain during my vacation?

Monday night, the thunderstorms started, and I paranoidly avoided going outside, just in case. By Tuesday, it was very gray and any-minute-now-it's-stilll-gonna-rain weather.

So naturally, Jess and I go out to the stores in the convertible yellow Corvette, i.e. 'the big yellow penis."

Naturally, it starts suddenly raining buckets for about five minutes on the way over there... and yet somehow, we found this hilarious, to get all drenched in southern California in the car and totally be unprepared for it. it was so bizarre.

Go figure, eh?

The last time I was staying at Jess's, I was getting my wisdom teeth out. Ironically, the next time I did that, she's getting hers out. Over 2 days, which kind of sucks for her. But she's only getting two teeth out, and she seems to be doing okay so far. Still driving a car and stuff. It's still frustrating to not be allowed to have anything hot or crunchy for a week, though, and she's doing the same thing I did with regards to soft and sweet foods like ice cream: the second that sweet and soft is ALL you are allowed to eat, she doesn't want it any more.

Oh well, at least we went to the Cheesecake Factory last night and she could eat that...

Did the requisite phone call to Mom last night, and man, that did drag me down. I got to hear all of the various funeral details- about how Mom got forced to get up and move back farther in the pews several times because she's not blood and doesn't count as family (and people wonder where I get that idea from?), how Auntie Dolores and Uncle Bruce are going around pouting and doing "poor me" faces... the usual crappy behavior of certain relatives. And Mom's sort of getting the cold shoulder from doctors, and Dad's still pissed at her for putting him in the hospital, but he doesn't want to come home either...

Yeah, that sucked. No wonder I didn't want to call home and be reminded of life outside of prettyland here.

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