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2005-09-18, 5:18 p.m.

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I can't believe I actually made it here.

I had my doubts. Especially since I got flagged for getting searched MAJORLY at the airport. I'm surprised they didn't strip and cavity search me while I was at it- they scanned my bare feet (why? I'm afraid to ask) and X-rayed my purse three times. And I also ended up turning at the wrong time and smacking the guard in the nose.

She was not happy. And wanted to steal the aspirin out of my purse while she was at it. (Not that I blame her.)

Anyway, the actual flight was uneventful, and I'm here, and it's so fucking gorgeous everywhere, I'm drooling. Not that I could ever afford to live here short of marrying for money, but this place is gorgeous enough to make me vaguely wonder how to do it.

Jess has hauled me to some fabulous restaurants, including one on the water with the best flautas I ever ate, and a scrumptious French restaurant with the best crepe I ever ate. Oh yeah, and also we went looking for candy.

We have done a little shopping and a little beach-lounging. I really need to get one of those bottles and bottle up some sand and sea shells from here, so I can sit it somewhere and remember there's nicer places than where I live.

So far I've acquired a Shiny Disco Purse and some yarn- the kind of yarn I've been drooling over and wanting all damned summer, I finally caved in and got it. Pretty good for me that that's ALL I got so far, I didn't even get books yet.

Maybe it's just that this isn't my life, but it's so mellow and calm and pretty here, I feel chilled out already.

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