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Sketch 101 Week 5: Premise Sketches

2016-09-26, 10:40 p.m.

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* Having overall themes for a show is awesome, having recurring bits/a through-line
* Brian is open to having more sketches-so if anyone’s got any ideas…I’m pondering trying to write some kind of Hallmark Christmas movie spoofs.
* If this is true, what else is true-that’s your escalating pattern mantra.
* Second City uses improv as a method of getting ideas for sketch writing.

This week’s sketches: a workout in which you do lazy fun things, a world where unicorns are jackasses, and one person had her document crash and thus couldn’t turn in her tech support sketch.

Mine was one I was really proud of-Musicaltown, in which a kid (from the town Footloose takes place in, for the record) goes to class and finds out that everyone bursts into song and he has no idea how to handle that. “Awesome job, really fun.” Basically the only critique he had is that it should have gotten a little more cultish-creepy earlier on, or at least a bit faster. Mention “and if you don’t, we’ll kick you out” sooner (end of 2nd page). Quicken the pace, go on more about what happens to those who don’t sing around page 3. Maybe have them sing about his solitary confinement, or have them sing about what just happened like they’re a hive brain. Have him mention something timely and then they slip it in. Just get to unusual a lot faster.

After that, we brainstormed ideas for an unhelpful tech support sketch, specifically as to why tech support would be unhelpful. I was all, “Been there, done this at work, I GOT IDEAS.” Such as you called the wrong people, someone’s working off a script, or you got the lone person that came in today and has
no idea.

Homework: write another premise sketch.

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