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2008-09-29, 4:04 p.m.

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* With regards to my vacation entries: I am working on Photoshopping the pics. I had 1400+ on the 5GB disk and have about half of those done now. I came down with post-trip crud for the first four days of the week, so instead of going to the gym I got those done. Unfortunately, the pics from the first few days of the trip, well...Mom forgot to bring them up here, so god only knows when I'll get ahold of them (probably November). Ugh. So waiting until I've got all the pics to link in the entries...well, maybe not. I think I'll start posting them after I get the 1400 pics up, and the first few entries will sadly be pic-free. Bleah.

* Had to work at The Buzz on Friday. I was dreading this no end because THIS YEAR WE ARE DOING SUSTAINABILITY! (Honestly, I know it's not PC to say, but sometimes I get so sick of hearing about "green" and "sustainability" I could vomit. And I am a non-driving, recycling, tree-huggin', craft-reusing hippie.) Which meant that most of what we do at this thing got thrown out the window in favor of...well, among other things, T-shirt reconstruction. As in, having total craft noobs cut up shirts.

I thought this was a bad idea from the getgo, even with photocopying the easiest ones out of Generation T, but management would not be dissuaded. I just hoped we'd run out of shirts early, but when I arrived there that did not look like it would be the case. Also, they had no fabric scissors around at all (one set of PINKING!).

Much to my surprise, it went well. I hardly did a dang thing but hang around and answer the occasional question. People managed to cut stuff up just fine even with crap scissors, and they even took the ugly-ass ARC shirts. We were out of shirts by 9:30, though people were still working until closing.

* Went to Apple Hill on Sunday, since enough weekends are booked in October that we couldn't do it later. Turns out that going in late September is a good thing, because the crowds are a lot fewer. Also, THERE'S HARDLY ANY APPLES. Seriously, we hit Larsen's (our usual spot for apples) and they said 80% of their crop was wiped out this year. They were already out of Galas as of that morning and the Jonagold's were about to be gone too. I doubt they'll be operating past a few more weeks. Yikes.

On a more uplifting note, I got fancy fudge, and apple products to take home, and got some fancy earrings.

* Found out post-Apple Hill that Alicia has already picked out her dress (the seventh one she tried's got a meringue skirt and a corset strapless top) AND the site of her wedding. I really wish I could live that kind of easy life.

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