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It's The First Rainy Day Of Fall Already

2011-10-03, 3:16 p.m.

Reasons Why Cold Weather Is Not Totally Awful:

* It gives you an excuse to spend lunchtimes indoors watching online video/going to the Craft Center without thinking, "It's a nice day, I should be outside enjoying it!"
* Likewise, you feel more justified to stay at home all day long watching videos and doing jack shit on a weekend. "I can't go to the gym, it's pouring. Fuck that." (Until you realize you need food, anyway.)
* Wearing nothing but pants every single day means that you always have pockets on your clothes to stash your various electronic devices and keys the stupid work card thing.
* Holiday season: Halloween followed by The Food Holiday followed by The Gift Holiday. Okay, so I have some issues with the latter two, but still, it's time off and a festive atmosphere.
* Holiday parties.
* The world needs rain. Sigh. Annoying but true.
* Bug bites almost never happen.
* If you forget to shave body parts, who knows?
* Easier to layer gym clothes under your pounds of clothing, rather than filling up your backpack with more clothes.
* Apparently I am the only person on the planet or at least in this town who likes it warm, so everyone else is happy. (I point out that these are people who spend about 5 minutes outside while going from car to work and vice versa, so they're not actually IN the weather in the first place one way or another though. If they spent 30 minutes slogging in the rain, they'd be bitchy too.)
* New TV shows are on. So there's that. What's up on X show this week?
* NaNoWriMo, though since the locals here have utterly flaked on it in the last few years it's not the month of writer parties that I used to enjoy.
* Apple Hill.
* New classes start up. (Okay, so that's four times a year here, but now there are more options.)
* The busses run more frequently here. I can catch a bus home at 10 p.m.! Yay laziness!

I am attempting to look on the bright side here.

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