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Three Festival Weekend

2018-10-07, 7:45 p.m.

Weekend update:


Well, I found out for sure that BigBoss will never ever let me move out of the Shark Tank. It’s apparently not up to my boss and she Has Plans for all the spaces she hasn’t told people.

I would like to post a few links here that were sent out on a work maiing list this week that apparently those in my office have not read:

* The hidden toll of workplace incivility
* How incivility shuts down our brains at work
* Bad is Stronger than Good: Why Eliminating the Negative is More Important than Accentuating the Positive

In other news, I got my phone back and it’s charging again, huzzah. It’s so great to drive with GPS again. I also asked if they’d heard of the bitch lady at that store and “yeah, we’ve heard about her.”


Today I took Loretta around to all the festivals!

I had a freaking blast at the Hawaiian festival today--had my favorite foods (strawberry and POG is delicious in the Local Kine shave ice, the best shave ice ever), saw some hula, saw different cultural booths about different islands that would be fun to go to, and shopped like hell. I bought so much this year--little flower things, a dress, a calendar, some gifts for Mom, a ring that I got engraved with my name on it, and a new fanny pack. I enjoyed that all very much. Loretta is a tiny sized woman and managed to find two Hawaiian shirts, so she was happy about that.

After that we went to the Mini Maker Faire in Rocklin, which seemed smaller to me after going to the big faire. The best thing this year was the recycled fashion section, which was really great to look at. I had Loretta ride around on the Burning Man vehicle and we made necklaces and checked out some craft booths.

After that (spent about 4 hours at Hawaiian and two at Maker Faire), we went to Vampire Penguin and had fantastic desserts, I had a Halloween themed one called “Lucky Jason” that was “PMS” snow (peach, mango, strawberry) combined with strawberry syrup and Oreo crumbles. Delicious. We hung out at the nearby bookstore for a while and then went home. It was all very lovely and helped me forget uh, politics.


I went to Lambtown today with Meg, though she also met up with another friend at one point and then both of them insisted on hanging out in the same booth with a friend of theirs for a really long time and I wandered off to go hang out with a friend of mine, and eventually Meg and I found each other around 3-ish. Hah.

I mostly bought from my (circumstantial, since I don’t see her much other than here and occasionally at the farmer’s market) friend Colleen, who is always fun to talk to--I got two skeins of rainbow yarn, and I later bought some cute stitch markers that I want to turn into jewelry.

It was a fun and pleasant day.

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