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Tornadoes, Outages, Fires, Hail

2019-10-28, 7:08 p.m.


Well, all my plans for the day have been foiled. I wanted to go to Apple Hill because Mom is flaking on it this year, presumably due to her boyfriend. But they’ve got power outage. I was up off and on throughout the night. It was fine when I left around 9, but it was very windy throughout the night I’m on the Wildfire app because that seems to get better rumors/info out than official channels and god knows everyone else was up all night panicking on it. My town, which is not on the official shutdown list, had blackouts this morning, though mine only lasted about an hour and then came back on. Even towns that weren’t on the blackout list are having outages today. Not much in the way of official notifications going out from the college or the police, other than the police’s non emergency phone lines are down today. Awkward! The governor has declared a state of emergency, though, so there’s that. There’s fires in Sacramento, there’s fires on the freeway.

Folks on Wildfire are reporting that the air is bad enough to not leave the house today. I’m not sure if that is true or not via the Internet because folks have bad screenshots and yet when I look at the current index, it looks fine. But the wind outside looks bad enough, so I did not go to the CC, which would have been my backup plan. Also my car is NOT parked under a tree and thus I don’t want to move it. I’m not sure what to do. Mostly I am just lying around the house tired and catching up on CW shows while the power is still on. I need to work on my costume but haven’t done shit because I’m tired.

Quote from Wildfire: “People told me this was a nice quiet college town. Y’all got me fucked up. Tornadoes, power outages, fires, hail, what the fuck is next?”

I eventually sucked it up to go out for food and gas when the wind died down, and there were two large firetrucks at the grocery store but they didn’t seem to be doing anything and eventually departed, and I saw another small fire truck on the way out for gas. I smelled a bit of smoke out by the gas station, but the air quality seemed fine. Lotta tree debris in my neighborhood but not a lot in the way of branches crushing cars like folks were posting on the Internet.

And now they are going to have a third shutoff right after the last one. Gawd.


I finished my Halloween costume tonight, huzzah. But I am giving up on the 10 minute play. I really just don’t have anything good and I can’t deal with competition anyway. I wanted to do it the first year when competition was low, but they are getting a lot of entries and bugger it.

In other news, I had at least one synchronicity today and maybe up to three. Two of them are minor things that came up at the funeral:
(a) There were pineapple chairs at Scott’s grandmother’s house, and today I walked by a random pineapple sitting on the street. Who the hell has a pineapple and leaves it on the street?!
(b) He mentioned going to a Bernie rally at some point (I am not a fan of Bernie but we’ll leave it there....) and I found a Bernie button. Though at this point that is probably an easier thing to find in the world than a dang pineapple.

But after the weekend, I felt like I needed a sign today. And while I was reading my library book, I turned the page and saw a tiny heart (leaf?) stuck in the book. I photographed it and then tried to take it out, but it crumpled.

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