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Halloween Karaoke

2019-10-29, 7:10 p.m.

I’m clearly still annoyed at Scott after the weekend because I didn’t talk to him much except briefly here and there when he talked to me. I’m not in the mood and he keeps orbiting around Cameron most of the time anyway.

Mostly I hung out with other folks, chatted with Dona about clothes and knitting, talked to Robert about the karaoke party tomorrow (venue will be decided whether or not there is power on at either Matthew’s or the secret venue), talked to Linda about getting menorahs, and talked to Bridget and Alexis on working on singing “Carol of the Bells.” Alexis got us lyrics and I basically roped Robert into adding to our group since we’re supposed to have a trio and he’s not doing anything at that moment either. I think he would have been fine with skipping that, but oh well. Alexis was trying to teach us to sing it and it’s tricksy. Has a lot more lyrics than you’d figure.

I find it ironic that the best singers in the show aren’t actually DOING any singing, unless you count the prayer chants the Abramowitzes are doing.

They were having a set meeting when I came in, not sure what to make of that. I think they start set construction on Sundays now and I’m not sure whether or not to volunteer on that since on the one hand, warm bodies doing stuff, vs. no real clue on woodworking. Maybe? I’m not doing anything that day, I guess we’ll see whenever Anita sends out email about it.

I need to work on an evil laugh for the Coney Island dream sequence. Or well, just have Scott do one for obvious reasons. I suspect that’ll happen anyway in the end.


“You are not beloved by everybody.” -Anita
“Poor Alexis, not beloved.” -me

Alexis, adlibbing about coming to the Christmas pageant late: “What were you thinking when you picked that hat?”

“I would be fine without caroling.” -Robert

“And guess where she inherited it from.” -me commenting on Alexis’s loud line about Shirley’s loud voice.

“I’m so happy we all get to sing.” -Trent

Joseph’s line about “How can that be? We’re not even married yet.” This was followed up on by me saying, “Science failed.”

Karaoke: Scott did not show up. I guess he texted Robert to say as much around 10:30 and when Robert passed that on to me, I was all, “That figures.”

This was probably all for the best when the Witch Posse (Sarah, Sarajean and their other friend Erica I met on the Bar Drama night) came in and were making jokes about getting “Free Badger” shirts and singing all his songs. I also heard that Augusten Burroughs has now written a book about being a witch from childhood (“Toil and Trouble”) and showed it all to them. Sarah was all “when are you getting it?” and I said “as soon as I drive out to Sacramento or get it from the library.”

A lot of the bar patrons were dressed up for Halloween, and I would have busted out my costume (it was in the car) had I not suspected I’d see the same crowd at the secret karaoke party in a few days. I was also wearing an outfit I mostly made myself (except the top) out of yarn, which I guess some folks thought was a costume. Okay then. Elena had some kind of Poison Ivy(?) costume on with a skirt she’d made out of leaves that she did all kinds of processing on, and said she couldn’t sit down in it. Eventually she changed. Ashley had on a lovely wig with black and purple colors. Jim was a pirate of the old school stripey variety. Matthew had on a black leather cape and black leather pants and after having tried on leather pants once, I congratulate him on getting into the damn things. Sarah was a raven, Sarajean was some kind of fantasy adventurer with a sword and I don’t know what she was officially, but it was noted at one point that her outfit (minus sword, and adding on jewelry) was about the same as Fezzik’s.

People were also trying to do Halloween songs. Hungry Like The Wolf, Werewolves of London, and Robert did Monster Mash. Again, I probably would have tried to go with the theme except I suspect I’ll do the same in a few days. Instead, I did “Beverly Hills” with Ashley again because it was in my head, followed by “Makes Me Wonder” because I am annoyed. The karaoke version has f-bombs in it, which I am not used to hearing from the radio but was all, “what the heck, I’ll go with it” and some lady in the audience was absofuckinglutely LOVING the f-bombing. What a delight. I got called a star again.

Erica brought up the Dickens Fair, so I was all YES WE SHOULD ALL GO FIELD TRIP!!!!!!! to that. I need to cool it on suggesting field trips though...

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